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quiet wayfarer
Despite all that happened in November, I still miss Paris and its surroundings. Go to Paris. It’s beautiful.

Helloooooo. Rachel?

Are you out there? Where is she? Why has she been such a quiet wayfarer when she normally never shuts her mouth?

Many reasons.

But, regardless, I’m sure a lot of you have been rolling your eyes at the radio silence on this blog. I apologize for my online nonexistence.

Iceland in Winter
Upcoming Icelandic beauty. [By Andreas Tille [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons].

I have two pieces of good news for you. The first is that I’m still going to Iceland next week. I have an upcoming post compiling my epic plans in this fantastic little country. I’m incredibly pumped to experience Iceland in winter, in the midst of the new year, and I can’t wait to share my journey with each and every one of you! It’s a short trip, but I’m sure it’ll pack a punch.

The second bit of awesomeness is that I’m still determined to travel the world even after 24/7 exposure to scary news stories and the Department of State’s worldwide travel alert. Trust me, Thanksgiving was fun this year. Nothing dampers your enthusiasm for travel quite like hearing person after person explain why I shouldn’t leave the United States ever again and if I do, I need to be especially careful of my surroundings.

On one hand, I totally understand concerns from family members. I even wrote a post about it. Worry is natural, and events, like the one in Paris a month ago, only fuel this very human concern. However, hearing about ISIS multiple times made me hesitate about planning future trips, because I’m a naturally anxious person and want to protect myself.

Thank goodness my sluggishness only lasted a few weeks rather than a few years, huh?

Furthermore my opinions on Department of State’s travel alert mirror Steph’s over at TwentySomething Travel. is a wonderful resource, but like everyone else, the government needs to legally cover their butts.

Be aware. Not paranoid.

beginners guide Cesky Krumlov
What a happy happy happy place.

Enough of terrorism. The main reason for silence is I have been in a slump.

I ran out of interesting posts. I found myself clicking out my site. Plus, since my job is crowding every inch of my mind, I haven’t been able to bring myself to update. Teaching has been draining me, a lot more than previous years, and my life/work balance is something I need to personally address. But I hope that January is a little bit more manageable. Teaching is always rough sailing until Winter Break busts in and saves my blond butt.

But, whatever, more posts. I promise. I put way too much time and effort into this website to let it die a natural death, and I hope you all have faith in me to keep it going.

Stay tuned for Icelandic joy!

How Scotland Changed Me
Don’t worry. Be happy.

What are your Christmas and New Years travel plans? Are you staying in your country? Taking an international journey? Tell me!

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