solo female travel florida means lots of perfect sunsets

Solo Female Travel Florida: How to Plan an Amazing Trip

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Florida is, without a doubt, one of the most popular states to visit in the United States. And Florida isn’t just limited to Disney World, either, although I admittedly have tons of fond memories of Disney and Orlando as a child and young adult. 

Florida is a huge state, with endless miles of coastline, as well as diverse cities and ecological wonders. Florida has a very strong hospitality industry due to the state’s many attractions and abundance of international and domestic airports.

solo travel in marco island means lots of gorgeous palm trees
Solo Female Travel Florida Guide Tip: Stay Somewhere Near the Water.

Seriously, I think Newark has over 10 direct flights per day to Fort Myers in the winter months when people want to escape the cold. And that’s only one city. 

Due to its popularity, I was inspired to write a solo female travel Florida guide to help you brainstorm your vacation. After all, we all need to find a beach escape at some point in our hectic lives. 

selfie on jacksonville beach in fl
Solo Travel in Jacksonville Clearly Makes Me Happy!

Solo Female Travel Florida: My Experiences

Florida is a place that means a lot to me. Like a lot of American families, we vacationed a lot in Florida throughout the years, and the state’s impressive beaches and tropical weather never failed to relax me, or help me forget my troubles.

I had the pleasure of traveling alone to Florida, too. For example, Jacksonville FL has lots of things to do alone. I felt very welcome and not at all awkward as a solo female traveler. 

As some of you know, I still experience anxiety traveling alone, and while the trips are always marvelous in the end, nerves still make their unwanted appearance.

Florida, on the other hand, never makes me nervous. Landing in this state feels like “coming home,” to me. I will keep visiting here for the foreseeable future, even if I have to go alone.

what to pack for marco island florida includes comfortable clothes

Should You Travel Alone to Florida?

But what about you and your needs? Should you take a solo trip to Florida, or should you wait until another person can go with you?

Like I had mentioned, Florida is a popular destination for families and couples, but at the same time, you don’t hear too much about solo female travel in Florida. Which is a shame!

Ultimately, I personally suggest booking a Florida vacation alone with a caveat. You need to feel very comfortable in your own skin for a solo trip to Florida. For instance, if happy couples and close-knit families will stir jealousy in you, then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Florida for solo travel. 

If you often feel lonely on a solo trip (and yes, loneliness is one of the disadvantages of solo travel), seeing a lot of people bonding might be difficult for you, and you deserve better on your vacation.

On the other hand, if you love being alone and feel confident as an independent woman and traveler, then I see zero issues with taking a solo vacation to Florida! 

northern florida has stunning spanish moss

New Travelers

I highly recommend Florida to new solo travelers. No doubt about it.

Why? Well, new travelers will love Florida, because of the state’s accessibility to tourists. I think everyone ought to travel alone at least once, but I also understand that not everyone wants to immediately hop on an international flight for their first independent adventure. 

Florida is perfect for new solo travelers because everyone speaks English, currency is the same, zero cultural shock exists, and the time zone probably won’t be too drastic of a jump.

Florida is also perfect for new solo travelers who live a short flight away, and perhaps only have time for a long weekend getaway. 

Furthermore, new travelers from the northern United States or Canada, will appreciate Florida’s lush greenery and warm weather, especially in southern Florida. 

wandering the white sands of the gulf of mexico

Experienced Travelers

Experienced solo travelers will also fall in love with Florida. Even if you’re not impressed by popular tourist attractions, Florida has so many off the beaten path gems that will delight and surprise you. 

For example, on my recent visit to Jacksonville, I drove fifty minutes to Boneyard Beach, and for most of my visit, I was the only person taking in the eerie beauty of the driftwood on the sand. I felt like a true adventurer and wish I could’ve stayed even longer. 

And honestly, sometimes as an experienced solo traveler, trips abroad feel overwhelming. There is substantially more preparation involved traveling internationally, and sometimes a relaxing experience in a beautiful US state is just what is needed to “cleanse the travel palette.” 

naples in florida has lots of lovely shopping
Strolling the Streets of Naples in Florida.

7 Reasons to Travel Alone to Florida

As you’ve guessed, you could write an entire guidebook on solo female travel in Florida. However, for a blog post, I think 7 reasons should be enough to at least encourage you to research traveling alone here. 

I hope by the end of this post that you’re ready to book your airline ticket to Florida. 

solo female travel florida: feel free to go to concerts on your visit

Blend in with the Crowd 

I know I keep saying it, but Florida is super popular with travelers. You won’t stand out like a sore thumb when you travel alone to Florida. 

Blending in with the crowd is such a blessing. For instance, at the Surf Girl Pro concerts in Jacksonville Beach, I was able to freely dance to music and eat freshly cooked fish tacos without anyone bothering me! It was a liberating experience for a solo traveler. 

Florida is perfect for solo female travelers who want to blend in and not deal with the issues that come with standing out in a crowd. 

florida is a very large state
Plenty of Places to Explore in Florida!

Endless Places to Explore

Florida is a massive state. Don’t plan a trip to Florida thinking that you will see Miami, Tampa, Disney World, The Panhandle, Amelia Island, and Jacksonville all in a single week.

Distances are huge, and traffic makes matters even worse, especially in the winter months when “Snow Birds” flock from other states to their temporary Florida homes. 

However, Florida’s size also means you will have endless places to explore. It’s easy to do multiple solo trips to Florida, and not see the same attractions twice. Florida is the gift that keeps on giving.

solo female travel florida: don't worry. you won't get lost

Fantastic Tourism Infrastructure 

Florida’s tourism infrastructure is fantastic. Brilliant, even. This is a state that relies on hospitality to pay its bills, so the tourism industry is going to do its damndest to make sure you have a wonderful time on your vacation. 

Plenty of information exists to make your Florida vacation memorable. Additionally, Florida has a ton of accommodation to suit the needs of tourists. Do you want an apartment rental? No problem. A five star resort? No problem. A hostel? No problem.

Florida’s thriving tourism sector will make planning your vacation a breeze.

gorgeous bird in jacksonville florida

Gorgeous Nature Everywhere

Florida’s nature is breathtaking and diverse. Seriously, it’s one of the most beautiful states on the East Coast, in my opinion.

So, whether you’re admiring the soft white sands of Marco Island, learning about the wildlife in Everglades National Park, or hiking in one of the many nature preserves around Jacksonville and loving the Spanish Moss, Florida’s nature will never stop taking your breath away. 

Not to mention, Florida’s natural wonders are accessible to everyone, not just super fit hikers. Don’t be scared to “get outside” when you’re on your solo trip to Florida.

solo travel florida and bellinis are a good combo
Peach Bellini in Naples, anyone?

Lots of Solo Travel Friendly Dining

I personally still cringe requesting a “table for one.” Logically, I know no one cares about solo diners, but I still feel as if a lot of people are judging me whenever I sit down for a meal alone.

Florida, though, has so many solo travel friendly dining options that you’ll never worry about going hungry. Culturally, Florida’s a fairly casual place with a lot of “hole in the wall” dining joints, as well as seafood shacks for fresh shrimp and grouper. You won’t stand out as a solo traveler in these casual places. 

In addition, Florida has a thriving craft brewery scene, and even if you don’t drink, a lot of these breweries offer food, too, so you can sit at the bar and still have a wonderful meal.

And beach bars. Go to all the beach bars.

solo female travel florida tip: make sure to relax
Could You Seriously Ask for a Better View?

Much Needed Relaxation

I, personally, come to Florida to relax. In Europe, I’m always running around, trying to see and do as much as possible before returning to the United States. I don’t feel that same pressure in Florida. 

If you’re main goal as a solo traveler is to relax, then you’ve come to the right state. Leave the stress behind. Seriously.

On sunny days, enjoy your afternoons on the beach or sitting at the pool, and don’t feel guilty about feeling lazy either. We all need trips where we unwind, physically and mentally and spiritually, and Florida’s coast is the perfect place to do just that. 

Solo travel to Florida means much needed rest and relaxation. 

enjoying lots of public art in jacksonville

Unique Arts and Culture Scenes

Not really in the mood for the beach? Don’t worry. Florida also has a wonderful arts and culture scene that will appeal to solo travelers, too.

For example, I went to an art show in Naples that inspired me to revisit my own artwork from years ago. Bigger cities, such as Jacksonville, also have their own flourishing arts scene, which can clearly be seen at Riversides Arts Market. 

Not to mention, all the big cities in Florida have museums that you can visit on those days when you’ve had enough beach time. 

what to pack for marco island florida includes a lovely bathing suit

Solo Female Travel Florida: Essential Tips

Last but not least. I wanted to give you some essential tips for planning your solo trip to Florida. Of course, you may need to do some more research on your own, depending on what part of the state you’re visiting, but I hope these tips will at least get the ball rolling.

solo female travel florida: exploring mystical nature near jacksonville alone

How to Get Around Florida

Florida’s size makes navigation a challenge. Cities are very spread out, and public transit is nonexistent.

You won’t always need a car, though. Like, if you’re staying on Disney World property, then you don’t need to worry at all about not having a car.

Unfortunately, though, if you want to see some of Florida’s most gorgeous beaches and freedom to do what you want on your own terms, then having your own vehicle is a priority. 

Pack your patience driving in Florida. For example, when I stayed in Jacksonville Beach, I experienced some traffic on the weekend, but I also live in North Jersey, so driving wasn’t a big deal for me.

However, if you’re not used to driving in heavy trafficked areas, then Florida might be a learning curve for you. Drive defensively. Better safe than sorry especially in a rental car. 

always pay attention to rip current warnings in florida

Safety in Florida

Florida is safe for solo travel. Still, as a state that draws lots of tourists, it’s important to be mindful of your physical safety and surroundings. 

In Florida’s cities, do research on neighborhoods and crime rates in advance. My rule of thumb is to stay at a popular hotel where lots of people are always out and about rather than a quiet rental on a dark street. Don’t try and save money at the risk of your own safety. Cut costs elsewhere. 

To tell you the truth, in my opinion, the biggest danger in Florida is one of the main reasons we flock to the state: the nature.

Bluntly, do not mess with the wildlife, especially alligators. Maintain a respectful distance at all times. These animals are not pets or tourist attractions, and you seriously risk injury by approaching any wild animal in Florida. Don’t do it. 

don't mess with these guys when traveling alone in florida

Furthermore, I don’t care if you’re an Olympic swimmer. Always pay attention to the flags on the beach. Always.

If you’re warned against swimming, don’t do it. Opt to read on the beach instead. You put yourself and first responders at risk when you ignore warning flags on the beaches.  

Last but not least, you always run the risk of trip cancellation if you book a vacation during Hurricane Season, which traditionally runs from June 1st – November 30th, which storms peaking in August and September. If possible, avoid travel during those times, but if you have no other choice, then you will have to purchase a travel insurance policy to protect your wallet. 

florida has a lot of great food

What to Pack for Florida

Last but not least, I wanted to talk about what to pack for Florida before you go on your solo trip. Now, obviously, you’re more than welcome to buy whatever you want in Florida. However, in touristy areas, the essentials are going to cost more money than your home state. I’d bring whatever you need ahead of time. 

relaxing on a beach in marco island
What to Pack for Florida: Sunglasses and a Floppy Hat!

Solo Female Travel Florida Essentials 

  • Comfortable and Cool Shoes: You’ll want both open-toed and comfortable shoes. I live in cosy yet supportive sandals whenever I visit Florida. Now, if you plan on any hikes, then you’ll want a decent pair of hiking shoes, too. Don’t skimp on your footwear. 
  • E-Reader for Pool & Beach: A solo traveler never feels alone with a good book, but packing tons of books is such a pain. Heavy too. I personally suggest bringing a lightweight and waterproof e-reader with you. It will keep you company at the pool or beachside bar. 
  • Florida Guidebook: I already mentioned Florida is massive. If you’re planning a road trip, then buy a good Florida guidebook with tons of information on the best places to go. 
  • Multiple Bathing Suits: In Florida, you live in your bathing suits, especially in southern Florida. Anna Cole makes some of my favorite bathing suits, so they will be perfect for your solo trip to Florida. Have fun swimming! 
  • Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and More Sunscreen: Do not, under any circumstances, mess with Florida’s sun. I’ve been burned more times than I can count, which is total trash for my skin. Learn from my mistakes, and pack a lot of sunscreen for your trip.
  • UPF Clothing: Coolibar makes an excellent line of sun protection clothes. While a little pricy, I think they are a good investment. For example, this beach coverup is perfect for a long day at the pool, and this colorful dress is perfect for a stroll in Downtown Disney. 
  • Wide Brim Hat: Protect your skin and face with a wide brim hat. Perfect for lazy days at the beach or brunch outdoors. 

plenty of perfect palm trees in jacksonville florida

I hope you liked reading all about solo female travel to Florida. Do you have anywhere in Florida that you’re planning to visit alone? Feel free to share with me!