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Solo Travel Dublin: How to Visit the Irish Capital Alone

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Updated: 6 November 2022

Dublin is a city that instantly brings to mind literature (yay, Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker), good beer, ancient libraries, and live music. So, if you’re planning a solo trip to Ireland, then you’re probably spending a couple days in the capital city of Dublin at the start of your trip.

After all, Dublin is one of the most popular places for tourists first coming into Ireland even if they’ll spend most of their time in other locations. Which makes total sense because this city is home to a huge international airport. The vast majority of the flights land in Dublin and U.S. Customs is even based here. 

As for me, when I was just a “novice” solo traveler, I decided to go and explore Ireland – including Dublin. At the time, I was still a relatively new solo traveler. I’d feel a lot more anxiety about going to a far off place with no one standing besides me. Shudders.

To tell you the truth, I always felt like a “fish out of water” to use a very cliche expression. I never wanted to eat alone or take public transportation too far from my hostel. My, how times have changed.

solo travel dublin: see the literary wonders including graves

However, despite my jumbled nerves, I absolutely fell in love with Dublin! 

What did I love so much? Everything. The pubs, museums, literary history, and friendly people all created several meaningful experiences for me. Now that I’m a more mature person, I would love to revisit Dublin and see everything that I missed on my previous visit. 

All in all, Dublin has a great deal to offer. And Dublin is so so safe.

So, if you want to travel alone, consider Dublin as part of your great European adventure.

traveling to dublin alone to read
Solo Travel Dublin Tip: Meet the Writers.

Why Choose Solo Travel in Dublin?

Oh man. There are a lot of great reasons to choose solo travel in Dublin. As always, I could write an entire novel hyping up a destination, haha. Dublin has a lot of the positives associated with solo travel, no doubt. 

To be honest, I had a hard time consolidating a few points for why you should choose solo travel in Dublin, but for simplicity’s sake, I broke down my top six reasons below for you. 

Enjoy, folks!

alone in dublin? take a day trip to howth

Dublin is Statistically Safe

You won’t have to worry too much about your physical safety in Dublin. In all truthfulness, Dublin might be safer than your hometown. 

Honestly, you’re more likely to get hit by a car than attacked by a random stranger. Make sure to look the proper way prior to crossing the street. And please, please, please remember that they drive on the left in Ireland, including Dublin. I saw a lot of tourists almost get hit by cars and buses. 

Of course, basic common sense applies here, too. You don’t want to wander in an intoxicated state throughout an unfamiliar neighborhood at three in the morning, for instance. I’ll talk more about specific safety tips later in this post. 

dublin castle is what to do in dublin alone

Flights are (Relatively) Short from the USA

Sorry to be USA-centric, but since a huge chunk of my readers are American, I figured it’d be worth pointing out that Dublin is one of the shortest European flights that you can take from the United States. 

For example, if you depart from Newark Liberty (close to New York), then you’ll reach Dublin in six hours or less! That’s the same amount of time it takes to fly to some parts of California. 

Furthermore, if you’re not a great flyer (haha, like me) and want to go to Europe for the first time, Dublin is an excellent choice for you.

traveling to dublin ireland alone is amazing

Locals are Friendly and Speak English

I think Dublin is a great destination for anxious travelers, because wow, the locals are so welcoming and awesome. 

Plus, if you’re an English speaker, you’ll have zero problems in Dublin due to the fact that English is the native language. You won’t encounter any barriers. 

As for the locals, Dublin is a city very used to tourists and is able to accommodate their needs well. They’re also quite friendly. I found a lot of people on to go on shopping trips with me, as well as try a variety of restaurants in the city. Dublin was, without a doubt, the place that Couchsurfing worked the best for me with regards to meeting locals. 

However, if you’re reluctant to use the internet to meet others, then I’d suggest going to the local pub for a meal. I guarantee someone will strike a conversation with you. 

is dublin safe to travel alone? absolutely!

Learn About Your Family’s Heritage 

Do you have ancestors that came from the Emerald Isle? There’s a good chance you do!

Sure, Ireland’s a pretty small country geographically, but as many as 80 million people worldwide claim Irish heritage. If you’re able to trace your family to Ireland, then Dublin might be a spiritual and inspiring solo visit for you. It’s a good place to start reconnecting with your roots.

explore st stephen's green when traveling to dublin alone

You Don’t Need a Car in Dublin

Next you’ll be happy to learn that Dublin’s an easily walkable city. Even though it’s the capital, most attractions are reachable using your own two feet. Most days I strolled around the city, wandering from site to site, and taking in all the colorful doors. I never felt too burnt out from walking.

So there’s no need to rent an expensive car here, although it’s recommended to have a car outside of Dublin for venturing into the Irish countryside. Actually it’s smart not to have a car in Dublin. There’s a lot of traffic, and if you’re not used to driving on the left, you will probably get frustrated quickly. 

Ditch the car and embrace walking!

see the irish famine memorial when alone in dublin

You’ll Learn Irish History

Finally you’ll learn a ton of history when visiting Dublin as a solo traveler. And it will tug at your heartstrings. 

For example, I felt profound sadness upon seeing the Famine Memorial on the Dublin City Docklands. I knew the Potato Famine was bad (obviously), with 1 million people dying of starvation, but to actually see this artistic representation broke my heart. 

Similar sites can be found all over the city.

On a solo trip to Dublin, the best way to learn about the city’s history is by booking a guided walk. Dublin has a ton of great tour guides who will shed meaning on the sites around you. 

Most people opt for a general Dublin highlights tour where you will meet other travelers and hear about Dublin’s fascinating story. However, if you tend to enjoy bleaker and scarier history, then a dark Dublin guided walk might be right up your alley. 

Ultimately and without a doubt, you’ll gain a true understanding of the Irish struggle for independence in Dublin. This is doubly true if you take a walking tour throughout the capital city (which I recommend you do). 

solo female travel dublin: chilling on a bridge alone

Practical Tips for Traveling Alone in Dublin

Time to break out the practicalities. Like I already said, I personally think solo travel in Ireland is super safe and tons of fun! But having a plan is still a good idea.

So I have a couple of suggestions to make your trip even better. Take notes. 

traveling alone to ireland is a lot of fun

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

First and foremost, you need to know your limits as a solo traveler. I’m not trying to act like the Morality Police, I swear, but as a solo traveler, you’re responsible for yourself and stuff, and alcohol (obviously) lowers you inhibitions.

Why am I talking about alcohol right away? Dublin is a bit of a “party destination.”

For example, on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s common to see groups of crazily dressed friends roaming the streets for their hen and stag parties. I’m not knocking people for having fun, I promise, but the lively atmosphere is something to be aware of so you’re not caught by surprise. 

Take care of yourself. And don’t feel pressured to drink a lot either. 

trinity college is a great place to go when traveling alone in dublin

Purchase Travel Insurance

Although Dublin is safe, a travel insurance policy is very important especially when you’re traveling alone. For instance, if you get sick or seriously hurt in Dublin, you’ll have to pay for all of your care 100% out of pocket unless you have credible travel insurance.

Travel insurance provides a brilliant sense of peace. You don’t need additional stress on your travels in Dublin.

there are plenty of day trips when traveling to dublin alone like newgrange

Venture Outside of Dublin

Don’t get me wrong. I adored Dublin. I mean, why else would I take a few hours to write this post for you?

However, as great as Dublin is, you still want to make time for the incredible day trip opportunities located in this part of Ireland. 

You can stay close to the city or go for a two hour drive to Western Ireland. After all, Ireland isn’t a huge country geographically so you can see a lot in a single day. For example, with a guided tour, you’re even able to venture out to legendary natural wonders such as Cliffs of Moher or Giant’s Causeway. 

My own favorite day trip was seeing Newgrange and Hill of Tara and learning everything about both these beautiful places. I still want to learn all about the mysteries of Newgrange, which is a prehistoric site and on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

seeing joyce is among things to do alone in dublin

Be Careful if You’re On a Budget

Time to break out some bad news. Dublin isn’t the most budget-friendly place on the planet. 

I mean, think about it. Dublin is a big capital city that draws tons of tourists. It would make sense that costs are higher than other places. 

If you’re staying in Ireland, you’ll notice a drop in prices as soon as you leave the capital. Try and watch your spending in Dublin to the best of your ability. 

traveling alone in dublin and wandering the streets to see colorful doors

Stay in a Hostel

Dublin has an abundance of great accommodation available for you as a solo traveler. Since it’s such a popular place, you have your pick of hostels if you want a cheap place with ample opportunities to meet other people. 

On my own stay, I booked a dorm at Times Hostel in Camden Place which is located close to St. Stephen’s Green. It was cosy and in a central yet quiet part of the city. 

Below, I’ve included a couple other hostel recommendations for your solo trip to Dublin.

Hostel Recommendations

  • Abigails Hostel: This popular and highly rated hostel is located only 2 minute walk from Ha’penny Bridge. So you’ll be right in the middle of all the action. See prices on and
  • Garden Lane Backpackers: This hostel offers a relaxed atmosphere to solo travelers. You can stay in a super cozy place, while still having access to Dublin’s nightlife scene. See prices on and
  • Jacobs Inn Hostel: A vibrant hostel that is located right near all the public transportation hubs. Perfect for convenience. See prices on and
solo travel dublin tip: go have a drink
Don’t Forget to Pack Guinness, haha!

Don’t Forget Your Solo Travel Essentials

Not sure what you need to bring for your solo trip to Dublin? Fortunately, Dublin has everything that you need if you forget anything at home. However, it’s always easier to come prepared and save your money.

If possible, bring the following items with you to Dublin to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Irish adventure!

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes: You’ll spend a lot of time walking in Dublin. And honestly, heels are cute, but I wouldn’t recommend them for sightseeing, haha. Instead opt for a comfortable pair of walking shoes that are also waterproof! Win/win! 
  • Irish Power Adapter: A lot of hostels are including USB outlets in the walls, but still, there are zero guarantees. Be sure to have a converter to keep your devices charged. 
  • Mirrorless Camera: Smartphones take lovely pictures. However, if you want to take professional quality photos on your solo travels in Dublin, then I recommend investing in a Sony Mirrorless Camera — the perfect travel camera! I own it and bring it on all my trips.
  • Travel Umbrella: Dublin is gorgeously green which means the possibility of rain always lingers. But don’t let that spoil your trip! Bring a compact travel umbrella to stay dry!

My Favorite Things to Do Alone in Dublin

Last but not least, there are a lot of wonderful things to do alone in Dublin. 

As always, do your own research in addition to the ideas I present in this solo travel guide. You want to consider your own personal interests along with my suggestions.

solo female travel dublin will take you to trinity library

Relax at Trinity & See the Book of Kells

Firstly, going to Trinity College is something you must do, especially on your first trip to Dublin. This university’s magical atmosphere made me want to return to my graduate-level classes.

Most importantly, you’re able to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College. This gorgeous illuminated manuscript of the Gospels dates way back to the 9th century. You can’t take pictures so simply take in the manuscript and enjoy its beauty. 

traveling to dublin alone and loving george's st arcade

Listen to Live Music at a Local Pub

Find a local pub and see what live music is playing on any night of the week. Ireland’s known for some incredible music. Don’t feel afraid to go to a pub alone! It’s perfectly safe to do so. You’ll talk to strangers, dance, and feel festive. Do it!

traveling to dublin ireland alone to see oscar wilde

Discover Literary Greatness Throughout the City

Dublin is home to some literary giants. If you adore books, then traveling alone in Dublin almost feels like a rite of passage. Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Bram Stoker, and more all had residences in Dublin. Go walk in their steps. Another one of the best things to do as literary (and solo) travelers is joining a Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. You’ll learn all about these famous authors and have a few drinks. 

Enjoy a Beer at the Top of Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Store is a Dublin Classic. Is it touristic? Sure! But the entire experience is a lot of fun. Plus you’ve the chance to drink a perfectly poured Guinness inside a rooftop bar, which offers spectacular views of the city.

Obviously, the Guinness Storehouse is very popular, so it might be worth buying an entrance ticket to skip the line entirely. 

solo travel in dublin means seeing museums on your own such as the gaol

Learn Dark History at Kilmainham Gaol 

This former prison is another place to learn all about the struggles of the Irish people. Several revolutionaries, seeking independence from England, were imprisoned here. For example, the leaders of the 1916 Easter Riot were imprisoned here and then executed. I actually thought going to the gaol alone was a more poignant experience than if I had gone with friends or family. 

Get Going Now: Read My 7 Day Ireland Itinerary & Plan Your Trip

is dublin safe to travel alone? molly says so

Is Dublin Safe to Travel Alone?

All in all, it is safe to travel alone in Dublin. I spent about four days in Dublin and never once did I feel under immediate threat.

Like most European cities, the biggest threats that will face you in Dublin will come in the form of petty pickpocketing. However, in my own personal experience, I never felt like I desperately needed to keep a close eye on my purse. If you’re really protective of your belongings, then invest in a Pacsafe anti-theft crossbody bag to ward off roaming hands. 

Another thing to watch out for are out of control stag parties. If you ever feel uncomfortable, do what you can to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. Don’t worry about being rude. As a solo traveler, you don’t owe strangers anything.

Just because Dublin’s safe doesn’t mean complacency is a smart move. In the event of an emergency, the Dublin police (Gardai) are honest and reliable. They can be reached by dialing 112 or 999. 

what to do in dublin alone? go to the library

I hope you all enjoyed my “Solo Travel Dublin Guide!” Honestly, Ireland is amazing for solo travel and you’ll have a great trip. What advice would you give to anyone traveling to Dublin alone?

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