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Solo Travel Granada Spain: Everything You Need to Know

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As a solo traveler, certain cities have mentally “stuck” with me throughout the years. And not just because of famous sites either. Perhaps I met some wonderful people, or devoured a spectacular meal, or even had a funny story about getting lost or enjoyed a cute interaction with a local.

For good reason, Granada is definitely one of those cities that I won’t forget any time soon. As a lover of Spain, I highly recommend swinging down south (if it fits into your itinerary) and include at least an overnight visit to Granada, even if this city sometimes seems a “bit out of the way” on a map of Spain. 

Solo travelers, in particular, will definitely feel happy with Granada.

exploring granada at night and enjoying a purple sunset

Why Granada? First of all, it’s located in gorgeous and warm Andalusia, which has a lot to love as a region in its own right. Andalusia is immediately what springs to most people’s minds whenever they think of a vacation to Spain.

However, Granada is also a smaller city that has a youthful and artistic vibe, as well as a rich history and plenty of tapas to fill your stomach.

Smaller cities are wonderful for solo travelers, because all in all, you feel less overwhelmed and are able to get your bearings far more quickly.

In this post, I’ll talk about my own experiences in Granada before sharing my tips and tricks for a great trip!

granada has a lot of flowers in the spring

My Experience in Granada Spain

Everyone who reads my blog already knows that I adore solo travel in Spain. It’s one of my absolute favorite countries in all of Europe.

In Granada, the artistic vibes that permeated the streets completed rejuvenated me after a long train ride.

As a personal example, I even had the opportunity to browse through a local artists’ market and buy beautiful woodwork pieces for my family. I also bought myself the cutest little cat bag that I know I won’t find anywhere else in the world, and still get complimented on to this day.

is granada worth visiting? yes for the alhambra

Furthermore, the stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range surrounding the entire city took my breath away … more than once. I felt like I was in a dream.

Not to mention, the local bus system was simple and effective for a solo traveler to see all corners of this small city without too much hassle.

Win/win if you ask me.

striking a pose at the Alhambra palace
Grinning Happily at the Alhambra Palace.

Should You Travel Alone to Granada Spain?

Definitely! If Spain is on your radar, you will want to stop in beautiful Granada. I promise that you won’t regret adding Granada to your itinerary. 

Honestly, Granada is a city that’s very used to tourists, so even if you don’t speak fluent Spanish or have never traveled internationally, I don’t think you would have too much trouble navigating Granada. 

Nor did I feel like Granada had major safety issues. 

checking out a gorgeous view of the Alhambra

My only warning would have to do with normal city street smarts. You do see beggars in Granada, and I’m sure there are a handful of scammers who prey on tourists too, so it’s important to not feel pressured to give money or talk to strangers if you don’t want to. 

Remember: anyone who refuses to stop engaging with you when you’ve made it clear you want to be left alone is not someone who you owe politeness too. Act accordingly.

Truthfully, though, I had no problems in Granada and would recommend it to any solo traveler who loves history and Spanish food. 

seeing the church on the Alhambra grounds

Solo Travel Granada Spain: Essential Travel Tips

As a solo traveler, you’re completely responsible for yourself. I’ve been in the same position many times, and know it’s exhausting. 

Here’s a bit of practical advice to make your solo trip to Granada a success. 

Need More Help for Your Solo Trip?

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gazing at the roof of granada cathedral

Packing for Granada

I brought all of these essentials with me when I went to Granada. Of course, you can use most of these items for a longer trip around Spain, so they are worth the space in your luggage.

  • Comfortable Sneakers: You will walk a lot in Granada. Buses are available to go to the Albaicín neighborhood, as well as the Alhambra, but you’ll still clock a lot of steps. So opt for comfortable sneakers on your visit to Granada. Your feet will thank you
  • Lightweight and “Cool” Clothes: Granada gets HOT even in spring and fall. I suggest lightweight clothing such as Coolibar clothes with sun protection to stay safe from the sun.
  • Lonely Planet Spain Guide: Need more suggestions for traveling through Granada and beyond? Check out Lonely Planet’s Guide to Spain! You can bring a physical book or download only the chapters that you need. 
  • Mirrorless Camera: Everyone knows smartphone cameras are awesome. No doubt. But professional photographers might want to flex their muscles in the Alhambra using the Sony Alpha 6400 mirrorless camera on their Granada trip.
  • Pacsafe Crossbody Bag: I wouldn’t stress about pickpockets ALL the time, but still, it pays to keep an eye on your belongings (like any other city). For extra peace of mind, invest in a Pacsafe Crossbody Bag for your trip to Granada. 
  • Spanish Phrasebook: In Spain, English isn’t as widely spoken as other European countries. Therefore you’ll want to bring a Spanish phrasebook, physical or digital, to help you navigate the language barrier a little bit better. 
  • Sunblock: Southern Spain is wicked hot, even in spring and fall. You need to protect yourself from the sun, so liberally apply sunblock to prevent nasty burns. 
  • Travel Insurance: As always, don’t forget travel insurance when visiting Granada in Spain. I use World Nomads for all of my trips, and haven’t been disappointed yet. You don’t want to lose money in case of delays and cancellations. 

stunning flowers are everywhere in granada

Where to Stay in Granada

  • Boutique Hotel Luna Granada Centro: I love swanky boutique hotels, and this highly rated one in the center of Granada ticks all the boxes. Especially because they have a restaurant and a pool, haha. See prices on
  • Hotel Posada del Toro: This gem is located right in Granada’s City Center, and is a super close walk to the stunning cathedral. The price is perfect for a centrally located hotel! See prices on and
  • Oripando Hostel: Granada’s amazing historic Albaicin neighborhood is one of my favorite spots in all of Granada. This highly rated hostel offers sone great views and a pool! Perfect for meeting other travelers too. See prices on

exploring granada solo at night

Solo Travel & Safety in Granada

Like I said, you don’t have to worry too much about your physical safety when you’re traveling alone in Granada. You might encounter scammers, but stay aware of your surroundings and your belongings. 

Probably my biggest safety tip for solo travel in Granada is staying mindful of your physical health. Granada gets hot, especially in summer, and the sun is so strong that the heat is actually dangerous if you push yourself too hard.

Stay hydrated. Wear sunscreen. Take naps in the afternoon.

I know you will want to “see and do everything” in Granada, but at the same time, overexerting yourself in hot weather could lead to hot stroke or worse. So, please, listen to your body. You are the only person looking out for you.

As always, feel free to check out more of my solo travel tips if you’re overwhelmed at the thought of safety.

exploring the fountains at the generalife palace solo

Reasons to Travel Alone to Granada

Now that safety and transportation is out of the way, I wanted to share some of the characteristics for why Granada is an excellent city for solo travelers.

Granada is obviously popular with visitors from all over the world. If you’re traveling alone, you will have an amazing time too! I promise! 

exploring the beautiful neighborhoods in granada alone

Easy Connections to Andalusia 

Does Granada look a bit “out of the way” on a map to Spain? Sure, but you’ll be happy to know that it’s not too hard to react Granada using public transportation.

Granada has plenty of train connections to other cities in the region. For example, it’s easy to do a solo trip around Seville and then quickly pop over to Cordoba for even more fascinating history and beautiful weather. 

The only downside is that Granada doesn’t have a big airport and very limited flight connections throughout Europe, so it’s unlikely that you will fly into here.

exploring the alhambra alone is a wonderful experience

Fascinating History

Without a doubt, the Alhambra is one of the greatest attractions in all of Spain.

This incredible site, including the breathtaking Nasrid Palaces and Generalife gardens, is the most beautifully manmade construction that I’ve ever seen on my travels.

And, as a solo traveler, you’re able to take your time and truly take everything in on your own timetable. Be sure that you have all your documents, though. You need to show up to the Alhambra grounds an hour prior to your time slot. The property is huge, and allowing less time means that you risk losing your place. 

You also need to bring your passport. Yes, they do check.

If history is a big interest of yours, then I recommend going on a guided tour with a qualified historian. I liked exploring by myself, but I feel like I could’ve had an even richer experience as part of an organized tour. For example, this Alhambra and Generalife tour will take out all the stress of planning on your own, while teaching you about this incredible place.

enjoying a glass of red wine in granada spain
Order Drinks and Get Free Tapas.

Free Tapas

Haha, so anyone who knows me is already aware that I love food. In Granada, when you order a drink, you’ll receive free tapas. You won’t have to spend much money on food at all. 

Personally, I think it’s best to simply wander Granada when it’s time for a meal and go into a restaurant that is crowded with locals. A place with a lot of customers is a sign of high-quality food. 

I also suggest checking out pictures of restaurants online, because personally, I love to find a cozy bar as a solo traveler, so I’m not standing out like a sore thumb. 

Lastly, if you’re nervous dining alone, then I suggest signing up for a small group food and wine tour where you’ll be able to make new friends over several delicious meals. 

beautiful designs at Alhambra palace

Popular Among Travelers

Granada is obviously a very popular city for travelers. While some may lament “touristy” destinations, I personally like them as a solo traveler, because I know there is some infrastructure for non-locals and that I can also easily connect with other visitors in hostels or on tours. 

You can opt on a free walking of Granada and talk to other backpackers, for example. Of course, make sure you have a few Euros, so you can tip your guide at the end of the tour. 

As a popular city, your hotel/hostel will also have plenty of maps and recommendations available to you as a solo traveler. Trust me, your accommodation has hosted single travelers before, and therefore can offer special insights to help you plan your days in Granada.

exploring granada's narrow streets
Taking a Walk Around Granada.

Very Walkable 

Lastly, if you’re still asking yourself whether or not Granada is worth visiting as a solo traveler, then you will be relieved to know that it’s a very walkable city where you don’t need to stress about renting a car or taking complicated public transportation routes to reach your destination. 

Like I said, the Granada city buses will easily connect you to all the neighborhoods that are interesting for you to visit.

As long as you pack breathable shoes and stay hydrated, you ought to have no problems walking from place to place. Plus Granda is a safe city for you to “get lost” and discover a small shop or cool tapas bar. Getting lost is one of my favorite parts of solo travel, and Granada is an excellent place to do it.

Have fun!

these pools in granada look nice and refreshing

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experiences and tips for solo travel in Granada. If you’re interested in travel to Spain, this itinerary to Southern Spain will also provide some inspiration and ideas before you book your ticket! Enjoy Granada!