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Solo Travel in Prague — Is It Safe?

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Do you plan to do some solo travel in Prague, but aren’t sure if it’s safe to do so? Never fear. I’ve got you covered with all my independent travel advice for Prague, capital city of Czechia/The Czech Republic. I promise this city is a safe and wonderful choice for solo travelers of all experience levels.

But let’s go more into detail. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll pack your bags and board the next flight for Prague!

Anyway, while Prague is an incredibly popular travel destination and the star of many travel magazines, there are still antiquated ideas floating around on the internet that Prague is also a city of filled with scams meant to target Western tourists on a large scale. Just do a Google search and you’ll see what I mean.

Unsurprisingly, this notion is exaggerated like crazy. Actually, it’s very untrue. You should have no fears visiting Prague alone. Be excited instead.

Why? Because …

don't miss the lennon wall on your solo travel in prague adventures

Solo Travel in Prague is AWESOME.

Prague is definitely a city you want to add to your Central Europe travel itinerary. This place is utterly magical, and I want to go back in the near future. Seriously, you guys, I loved Prague so much. For example, it’s home to the largest castle complex in the entire world, a working 600 year-old clock, and one of Europe’s oldest and most iconic bridges. What’s not to love?

And, as for all you literary nerds, you have the opportunity to walk in author Franz Kafka’s footsteps. Make sure to read some of his works ahead of time.

Finally, Prague’s prices are easy on the wallet. Sure, it’s not as cheap as it was ten or fifteen years ago, but Prague’s still an incredible bargain for visitors coming to Europe on a budget. Plan in advance and save big bucks.

My own solo adventure in Prague is filled with positive memories. For example, I still remember sitting outside with new friends drinking a crisp Pilsner and listening to the performances of streets musicians. I never once felt nervous or unsafe in Prague.

is prague safe for american tourists? yes definitely!

Is Prague Safe to Travel Alone?

I would honestly say, “yes, Prague is safe for solo travel.” Like I mentioned above, tourists flock to this capital city so you won’t stand out as an anomaly, making it very easy to blend in with the crowds. Even as a woman, no one will think twice about your solo status. I was hassled more in Lisbon and Austin than in Prague.

However, I don’t want to give you a false impression either. You need to exercise street smarts when you’re traveling to Prague alone. Plan your day ahead of time and walk through the city as if you’re a local and have already seen everything a million times. Confidence is key. Let it seep through your body language.

How about new solo travelers? Would I recommend Prague to them? Sure! Prague has a ton of great hostels and a solid tourist infrastructure, making solo travel easy and fun, even if you’ve never been out of your home country.

as part of your solo travel in prague go explore all the streets

Things to Avoid When Traveling to Prague Alone.

I don’t want you to act reckless, however. So I want to emphasize that although I think Prague is a good destination for solo travelers, there are still things to avoid and safety precautions to take just like in your own hometown. Since Prague is a popular place for travelers, there are a handful scammers looking to make easy money, as well as other rip-offs lurking around the city.

Below, I’ve written some advice pertaining to Prague in particular. Take notes.

don't drink too much when traveling to prague alone

1. Don’t Drink Too Much.

Buzzkill, I know. However, you don’t want to exceed your alcohol limit when you’re traveling to Prague alone. You’re not in your neighborhood pub. Take an organized pub crawl in Prague if you feel uncomfortable.

Prague is a very popular spot for party tourists such as stag and hen parties. Go out at night, and you’ll see crowds of people stumbling around drunk in the streets. It’s easy to see why. Alcohol flows pretty freely in Prague. For example, absinthe is very popular among locals and travelers alike, and shots are served at pub crawls. Exercise self-control with the absinthe, especially if you’re not normally a heavy drinker. Furthermore, Prague is one of the beer capitals of the world.

Needless to say, alcohol is cheap and plentiful, which means you need to exercise restraint here.

Now I understand (and agree!) that a violent crime is never, ever, ever the victim’s fault. Intoxication doesn’t give anyone permission to hurt another human being. Regardless, you can minimize your chances of harm by drinking less. Know your limits. Personally, I’d only keep it to two or three drinks.

I’m not kidding, guys. I was told on a pub crawl that the guides have to take at least one person to the hospital every week. You don’t want your stomach pumped in Prague, believe me.

2. Avoid Being Ripped Off in Taxis.

Ugh, sadly I was a victim to a taxi scam in Prague. I’m still mad that I didn’t have a chance to use my money on cooler things, but hey, stuff happens. A group of us flagged down a car at night, we didn’t count our money, and the rest is history. You live and you learn.

One way to avoid taxi scams is not to flag down a ride in the streets. Instead have your accommodation call to arrange a taxi ahead of time. If you’re out sightseeing, stop at a hotel and have the front desk call a reputable taxi company to pick you up. In addition, check your change after paying for a taxi to ensure you’ve received the proper amount back.

Finally Uber has come to Prague in recent years. Although I haven’t used it myself, I’ve read that you’re less likely to get ripped off hiring an Uber than waving down a random cab on the street. Your mileage may vary, of course, but Uber is worth a shot!

don't miss eating the food when traveling to prague alone

3. Not Keeping a Close Eye on Your Belongings.

Honestly, pickpocketing is probably your greatest danger in Prague. Odds are you won’t be robbed and you shouldn’t feel paranoid while sightseeing in this gorgeous city, but still, it never hurts to stay vigilant concerning your possessions, most especially in crowded metro stations and main squares packed with mobs of tourists. Don’t feel as if you’re rude defending your personal space. If someone gets too close to you, give them the stink eye and move far away.

As a solo female traveler, I prefer an anti-theft crossbody bag to keep all of my belongings safe. Keep your bag close to you.

In case of an emergency, make a copy of your passport photo page and keep an extra credit card safely hidden in your main backpack or suitcase. These backups will make your life a million times easier if you’re robbed while traveling alone in Prague.

4. Stay Away from Prague Tourist Traps.

As a popular travel destination, Prague has its fair share of tourist traps waiting to ensnare you. As a solo traveler, you don’t want to pay twice the price for lackluster beer and food.

How do you avoid falling into tourist traps? Like anything else, knowledge is power. Do your research ahead of time. Ask your hostel for recommendations or (even better) talk to travelers in facebook groups who have already visited Prague.

An easy suggestion is to avoid restaurants close to major touristy gathering points such as Wenceslas Square. Go a few blocks away to find the real gems.

is prague safe to travel alone? absolutely!

How to Meet People Traveling Alone in Prague

Not too long ago, I wrote a “FAQ Guide for Solo Travelers” and a lot of that advice applies to Prague. However, I wanted to include Prague-specific tips for this post to help you not feel lonely on your solo trip to Prague.

Meeting other people is a great way to have a more meaningful experience. Luckily, Prague is a city always filled with visitors from around the world, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to make loads of new friends.

find the best hostels in prague for solo travellers and meet people

1. Stay at Hostels.

Not sure of the best hostels in Prague for solo travellers? Read reviews ahead of time and make a decision. Prague has plenty of options for solo travelers.

As for me, I stayed in Sir Toby’s Hostel located a quick tram ride away from the Old Town and all its attractions. Sir Toby’s was clean and comfortable, and the hostel had a wonderful bar which made it easy to meet follow travelers. If you stay at Sir Toby’s in the summer months, there’s also a large garden with plenty of tables for you to enjoy the nice weather and good conversations. I promise you’ll leave here with new buddies! It’s actually hard NOT to strike up a conversation with someone new.

2. Take Walking Tours Throughout the City.

As I’ve said several times on this blog, free walking tours are fantastic ways to meet new people in your destination. Prague has several of these tours available to visitors. For example, SANDEMANS New Europe Tours offer plenty of great options in Prague. Opt to go on their free walking tour. Many backpackers use these tours as a way to learn about the city and to meet new friends.

Yet another reason I love walking tours is because the guides teach me so. much. about the city’s culture and history. You’ll come home from your solo trip in Prague with a much greater understanding. SANDEMANS does specific tours, such as Prague behind the Iron Curtain, for travelers interested in different parts of the city’s extensive history.

travel to prague alone for the gorgeous views

3. Go on a Pub Crawl.

Drinking is part of the travel culture in Prague. Of course, you want to avoid complete intoxication, but there’s nothing wrong with experiencing Prague’s world renown beer either. You only live once, after all.

Buuuuuut, to stay safe, go on an organized pub crawl rather than venture out to the bars by yourself. Your hostel might organize pub crawls, but you’ll also find many companies online that organize these nightly outings. SANDESMANS, which I’ve already linked above, does their own pub crawl, for instance.

Just keep in mind that the pubs selected for the tours may not be the most authentic places in Prague. If you want to meet locals, you’re better off planning on your excursions.

4. Use MeetUp.Com to Hang Out with Locals.

Not staying at a hostel? Don’t worry! There are other ways to meet people on your travels. The internet makes it easy.

A great option is – which is available in Prague. A variety of groups and events are available to travelers. For instance, I know the Prague’s MeetUp section has a couple of English-speaking groups that would probably welcome visitors in their city. Just make sure to honor your RSVP. It costs money to run a MeetUp group and “no shows” are a royal pain in the butt. Be respectful.

Another idea is to use travel specific facebook groups to see if anyone else is happening to visit Prague on the same day as you!

travel to prague alone and see the jewish cemetery

Should I Travel to Prague Alone?

Okay, it’s time for the verdict.

So my guess is you stumbled upon this post seeking reassurance. And I don’t blame you. A lot of the time we doubt our abilities and confidence. Solo travel requires a lot of guts. You’re essentially leaving your comfort zone to go to a place where you don’t speak the language and have absolutely zero friends or connections waiting for you. It’s gutsy.

If you’re going to forget everything you’ve read here, then I want you to take away ONE piece of advice from this post: if your heart is set on Prague, then you’ve no reason to skip over it on your adventures to Central Europe. Solo travel in Prague will open your eyes.

Have a great time!

solo travel prague: go see all the gorgeous sites like the opera house

Are you planning on doing solo travel in Prague? Have you been to Prague and liked it? What advice would you give solo travelers. Leave all your thoughts in the comments. 

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