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Solo Travel Seville Spain: Everything You Need to Know

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Gorgeous and sunny Seville is a city that most people immediately think of when planning a trip to Spain. Seville is the largest city in the southern region of Andalusia, so unsurprisingly, travelers will discover plenty of things to see and do on their visit. 

Furthermore, in a lot of ways, Seville is where you ought to visit if you want to enjoy a quintessential Spanish experience with Flamenco dancers and hot weather (I believe Seville is the hottest city in Europe). I know I truly felt like I was in Spain in Seville rather than just an international city that could be anywhere. 

Seville belongs on everyone’s European travel bucket lists.

But what about solo travel in particular? Is it easy to travel to Seville alone? Would I recommend Seville to new solo travelers? Or is Seville better for a friends trip? 

solo travel in seville is a delight, just even taking pictures in the streets
Bull Fighter in Seville.

I want to tell you not to fear! Seville is a little different from solo travel in Madrid and solo travel in Barcelona, to be sure, but at the same time, I think if you are familiar with Spanish and pace yourself in the heat, then you’ll be more than fine adding Seville to your Spain itinerary. 

Personally, I felt safe and happy (and full) in Seville. Actually, I don’t think I felt on edge a single time, with the exception of one staggering drunk man, which, to be fair, happens in every big city.

So, before diving into my advice for travelers, I want to share my experience with you to help you build lots and lots of confidence. 

solo travel seville pleased

My Experience in Seville

I adore Seville. Adore, adore, adore. Every time I go to Spain I’m blown away. (I actually love solo travel in Andalusia period.).

To tell you the truth, I have been wanting to visit Seville ever since I watched the Rick Steves special on Easter Celebrations in Europe. And Seville didn’t disappoint in the slightest. 

As a traveler, I felt that Seville was a very accessible and beautiful city with a rich history, incredible food scene (ugh, I couldn’t get enough of the pork), and friendly people. Even though I spent only 2 days in Seville, I felt like I truly had a chance to experience this magical city.

Even though Seville was crowded for Easter Sunday, I never felt very overwhelmed, although admittedly I missed all the festivities from Palm Sunday onwards. 

solo travel seville spain tip: don't miss plaza espana

On my trip, I spent two days in Seville, including an extra day for a trip to nearby Jerez, and even though I could’ve easily spent a week (I actually just spent 7 days in Southern Spain), I felt like two days was perfect for a “taste” of the city. 

Lastly, I thought Seville had excellent tourism infrastructure. Spain, in general, is used to tourists flocking to its cities, and I am always impressed by the variety of hotels and tour options in any given city, including Seville. 

Without a doubt, I want to go back to this magical Andalusian gem and soon.

walk the stairs in seville

Should You Travel Alone to Seville?

Yes, definitely! In my opinion, Seville is one of the best cities for solo travel in Spain. I absolutely loved it as a base for exploring the rest of Andalusia. However, experiences for new and savvy solo travelers will be quite different in Seville.

exploring seville's colorful streets

New Solo Travelers

I always treat new solo travelers with care, especially if this is their first big international trip. However, I would recommend Seville to new solo travelers who understand some Spanish and have an appreciation for Spain’s history and culture.

Now, you won’t get ruined if you don’t speak Spanish, but I honestly thought English was more widely spoken in Madrid and Barcelona than in the Andalusia, including Seville. I would recommend starting with one of those two cities, getting your feet wet, and then venturing onwards to Seville.

Additionally, new solo travelers – especially the young and “young at heart” – might benefit from staying in one of Seville’s many hostels. Hostels provide chances to connect with other people, so you have some level of “support” while visiting Spain alone. 

solo travel in seville is always a good idea
So Happy to Visit Seville!

Experienced Solo Travelers

Seville is also perfect for experienced solo travelers. As someone who’s been to Europe many times, I would have no hesitation recommending Seville to people who’ve visited many times alone.

However, I could also see savvy travelers feeling unimpressed with some of the tourist crowds, so I suggest building in some time to see the smaller cities in Andalusia in addition to Seville. Like I mentioned earlier, I had to time to go to nearby Jerez, which was a lot quieter and more laid back than bustling Seville. 

Seville has many great neighborhoods and quieter “pockets,” especially as you explore beyond the Seville Cathedral and Alhambra area, so I suggest grabbing your guidebook and moving beyond the “beaten path” to eliminate typical tourist annoyances, such as pushy vendors and overpriced tapas.

enjoy some quiet time in the alcazar garden with solo travel in seville

Travel Tips for Solo Travel in Seville

Obviously, I wanted to include some solo travel tips for Seville. A lot of these tips are practical for most other cities in Spain, and are meant to get your travel research off on the “right foot”.

For additional help, you’re always welcome to book a 1:1 travel coaching call with me where I can provide even more support for you. Feel free to reach out to me!

always have some money for street performers
Admiring the Performers in Seville.

Always Have Spare Euro Coins

Euro coins are valuable, which is especially important for US travelers to know. Unlike in the United States, you don’t want to just ignore your coins in Europe, especially not in Seville. Why not? Well. Seville is home to very talented street performers, including Flamenco dancers. 

Seriously, if you visit The Plaza de España at the right time, you will encounter incredibly talented Flamenco dancers. I could’ve watched this brilliant performers for hours on end.

It’s good manners to have spare coins to pay the performers for their hard work, especially if you film them.

solo travel seville tip: watch the heat

Don’t Underestimate the Heat

Heat in Seville (and all of Andalusia) is no joke. I’m not kidding. If you live in a colder climate, Seville’s dry heat will be a shock to your system, especially in the summer months. As for me, I visited Seville in April, and temperatures still reached 32 C/90 F in the city center. Which is … warm.

But April has nothing on July and August. In summer, Seville experiences consecutive days over 100 F. To complicate matters, heat in Seville is very dry, so you won’t always realize that you’re experiencing heat exhaustion until much later because you don’t sweat at all. You need to be careful. 

My main bit of advice is to always stay hydrated. Bring a reusable water bottle with you, and keep it filled. 

you can climb the tower of the seville cathedral
Admiring the Seville Cathedral.

As solo travelers, we want to see and do it all. It’s easy to push yourself in Seville. However, your health is important, and when you’re alone, you need to exercise additional precautions, so you don’t fall ill. 

If you’re brave enough to travel in summer, please, please, please stay indoors and rest during the hottest hours of the day. Everything is open later at night for a reason. It’s simply too hot to be outdoors in the middle of the afternoon.

However, if you must venture out, then lather up with sunscreen and wear a large floppy hat to protect yourself. Again, no one else will. 

exploring jerez's backroads in spain

Go on Day Trips

Seville is in a great location for day trips in Andalusia. The city is centrally located, and as the biggest city in the region, connections to other places are plentiful.

So I definitely recommend taking at least one day trip if you’re staying here for 3 days or longer. Andalusia is rich with options that are all accessible for a solo traveler. 

Just make sure to book your train and bus tickets in advance. Otherwise, tickets could sell out or rise in prices, which was a lesson that I learned the hard way.

cordoba's patios are stunning

In addition, as a solo traveler, don’t hesitate to opt for guided day trips if you feel more comfortable with a qualified guide.

For example, the Alhambra Palace in Granada is one of the most beautiful and famous sites in all of Spain, but tickets book out months in advance. By taking an Alhambra Palace Day Trip from Seville, you’re experiencing a true wonder for less stress than planning a visit yourself. You won’t have to worry about missing the last train or paying a premium for tickets. 

And getting lost? Not likely with a guide taking care of you!

Furthermore, Andalusia is home to some gorgeous white villages that aren’t always accessible by public transportation. Opting for a day trip saves you the stress of renting a car. 

close-up of art at plaza de espana in seville

Learn Some Spanish

Spanish is important. In Spain, English isn’t as widely spoken as neighboring countries, such as Portugal. You really ought to brush up on your Spanish skills. You don’t need to be fluent, especially in a big city like Seville, but knowing a couple phrases helps a lot. 

Trust me, locals appreciate your efforts to at least try to speak Spanish, especially in a place like Seville that sees so many tourists, not all of them considerate. 

You can use a Spanish phrasebook for your solo trip to Seville or a phone app, such as Duolingo, to practice your language skills. 

solo travel seville tip: enjoy the easter processions

Research Important Holidays

Holidays are major affairs in Andalusia. Research and prepare for holidays ahead of time to avoid disappointment on your visit to Seville.

For instance, I went to Seville at the end of Holy Week. Holy Week in Seville is at its most extravagant and popular in all of Spain. Travelers flock to Seville from all over the globe.

Without question, the Easter Sunday Processions were absolutely breathtaking, and I will remember the ornate floats being carried down the narrow streets for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. 

Keep in mind, though, that holidays mean higher prices and more people traveling. Hotels cost more, the streets are packed, and train tickets sell out. Go in with the mentality that things will be more expensive and budget accordingly. You don’t want any nasty surprises. 

the ceiling of the alcazar is amazing

Reserve Tickets in Advance

Book. Tickets. Ahead. Of. Time. I seriously cannot stress this enough.

In particular, reserving tickets in advance for Royal Alcázars of Seville and Seville Cathedral is a smart idea. These are two of Seville’s most popular attractions, and tickets will even sell out for days at a time.

Do you lose a little bit of flexibility by booking ahead? Yes. But honestly, as a solo traveler, your time is valuable and it is much better to have your tickets ready to go rather than stand for hours in the baking heat waiting in line to buy them. 

gorgeous cordoba in spain

As a solo traveler, you’re also able to purchase tickets as part of a guided tour. The tours allow you to skip the line, as well as connect with other travelers and learn some history too. 

For example, if you’re limited on time, this highly rated guided tour combines both the Alcazar and Cathedral, allowing you to enjoy an overview of those sites without the additional hassle. 

All in all, planning in advance and buying tickets is a smart idea to maximize your time in Seville as a solo traveler. 

Salmorejo is absolutely delicious
Salmorejo is a Delight!

Eat Allll the Tapas – Even Alone!

I think solo dining is always the biggest concern for independent travelers. I know I feel super awkward requesting a table for one, and then feeling like everyone in the world is judging me (even though they’re not).

Fortunately, the tapas scene in Seville makes dining out a pretty easy tasks. Find a cosy neighborhood bar and order a drink or two, followed by some small plates also known as tapas.

You might also strike up some great conversations with other travelers and locals. Some of my most meaningful travel conversations have happened at the bar. 

falling in love with this alter in seville

Watch Your Belongings

Like anywhere else in Seville, keep a close eye on your personal belongings and store copies of all your important documents. I personally felt very safe in Seville, but as a solo traveler, you’re the only person who’s looking out for you. 

First and foremost, you will want to purchase travel insurance for your trip to Seville. Travel insurance covers delays and interruptions, as well as injury and sickness overseas. You seriously don’t want to get stuck without. I personally recommend World Nomads for an affordable and comprehensive policy. 

gorgeous seville colors at plaza de espana

If you want to take even more precautions, then you can upgrade your travel gear for additional protection in Seville. For example, Pacsafe makes excellent day backpacks with theft protection. They also make crossbody bags for women if you’re looking for something a bit “lighter” to explore Seville with. 

Ultimately, my advice for solo travel in Seville is to be mindful and prepared, but not paranoid. Follow usual “street smarts,” and you should have absolutely no problems.

solo travel seville exploring
Solo Travel in Seville Invites Exploration.

Excellent Accommodation for Solo Travel in Seville

Not sure where to stay for your solo trip to Seville? I listed a couple ideas here to start the research process! 

exploring the alcazar in seville

I hope you all had a wonderful time reading about solo travel in Seville! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about solo travel in Europe, including Spain!