gorgeous spanish moss on my solo trip to savannah ga

How to Plan an Awesome Solo Trip to Savannah GA

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Savannah has intrigued me ever since watching “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” in college. The movie’s mood, characters, and depiction of this small Southern city made me want to pack my bags and immediately go to Savannah. I wanted to wander the squares, leisurely strolling under gorgeous dripping Spanish moss, and attend parties in a slinky dress, and drink lots and lots of sweet tea.

… I had rather enchanting thoughts for a broke college kid.

Not to mention, the paranormal has always fascinated me (errr, my first crush was Dracula at age four, so think what you want), and Savannah has a reputation as America’s Most Haunted City. Unsurprisingly, I used to watch spooky segments about Savannah on The Travel Channel every time October rolled around on the calendar. 

charming home in savannah ga
Falling in Love with Savannah GA.

For years, I’ve been wanting to visit Savannah, and finally, finally, my finances worked enough to make this trip possible for me. 

True to habit, I took a solo trip to Savannah. Part of me, of course, wondered if Savannah was a good destination for solo travelers.

After all, Savannah is home to a lot of romantic bed and breakfasts, and I know plenty of couples who celebrated milestone anniversaries in this gorgeous Southern city. 

a solo trip to savannah ga is perfect for photography

Not to mention, Savannah’s “open container” laws make it a popular destination for girlfriends trips and other partiers. Would I stand out as a solo traveler? Would I feel weird and anti-social? Would people stare and wonder if I had no friends?

Well, I’m proud to share that all of my anxieties were completely unfounded. Savannah is a true delight for solo travel. Not only did I not feel weird and anti-social, but I also made plenty of friends with strangers on tours and at restaurants. 

Ultimately, I hope this guide also encourages you to book your own awesome solo trip to Savannah GA in the near future. I highly recommend it.

very pleased to take a solo trip in savannah ga

My Solo Trip to Savannah GA

I’ll be honest here. I wasn’t by myself for the entire duration of my stay.

While in Savannah, I was lucky enough to meet up with two friends of mine, but I still had time to explore on my own. However, I honestly would have been 110% fine if I had spent the entire long weekend by myself.

From the second I landed at Savannah/Hilton Head Airport, everyone was super welcoming and kind, and wanted to give me tons of suggestions for my stay in Savannah’s charming Historic District.

For me, Savannah was a delight whether I enjoyed peace and quiet in the squares, or got lost in one of the many independently owned bookshops, or sat at the bar with a pretty cocktail and delicious lunch. 

Don’t be surprised if I book another solo trip to Savannah in the future. I wasn’t ever bored or lonely, and all my fears were unfounded. I also felt very safe in Savannah, which is important as a solo female traveler, and I’ll definitely touch on safety later in this guide. 

one of the most famous statues in savannah

5 Best Reasons to Solo Travel in Savannah

To start, I wanted to share my five top reasons that you should take a solo trip to Savannah GA. Of course, your own personal interests matter and ought to be taken into consideration as well, but I honestly think Savannah has everything for everyone.

Bold statement, I know, but heart me out. 

For example, if you love the outdoors, Savannah has lots of wonderful day trips for you, including stunning marshes and beaches on Tybee Island.

On the other hand, if you love shopping, Savannah’s Historic District has an abundance of small and local shops that are delightful to explore even when you’re not spending money. 

The possibilities are seriously endless in Savannah. Let’s talk about them.

charleston is another trip
If you do a road trip, it’s easy to also visit Charleston.

Easy to Build into a Longer Trip

Savannah is an easy city to include in many itineraries. So, if you’re taking a solo road trip in the southeastern United States, Savannah is the perfect stop to add to your itinerary, because not only will you have time to see Savannah, but the surrounding cities are also wonderful for solo exploration. 

For example, I absolutely loved visiting Charleston alone, and although the two cities have a similar vibe, they are also different enough to make staying in both places well worth your time and money. They’re roughly two hours apart, so you won’t have a crazy long drive in-between visiting both places.

Furthermore, if you’re driving south, then you will want to extend your solo trip to Jacksonville and its vibrant beaches. I absolutely fell in love with Boneyard Beach’s mystic, as well as the natural state parks and diverse brewery scene. 

Without a doubt, as part of a longer road trip, Savannah is an excellent stop for your adventures throughout the American South. 

savannah's historic homes are stunning

Fantastic Tourism Infrastructure 

Savannah thrives on tourism. It’s called the Hostess City for good reason. Savannah has an excellent infrastructure in place for tourists to feel comfortable. 

At the Hyatt (where I stayed), tons of maps and guides were available at the front desk to help visitors plan their stay, and the concierge was super friendly too. 

In addition, if you want to meet others, Savannah has so many tours available to sign up for. Food tours, history tours, architecture tours, ghost tours, and more. You’ll absolutely find the perfect tour for your interests in Savannah. 

wandering over a bridge in savannah

No Need to Rent a Car

Renting a car offers freedom, but also feels like a hassle. I know I’m paranoid about filling the gas tank and not damaging the car in any way, so I don’t have to pay a ridiculous fine. And don’t even get me started on parking. I have the biggest parking anxiety out of anyone in my social circle.

But the good news? You will not need a car if you stay in Savannah’s Historic District. Savannah is so walkable. I used my own two feet to go everywhere except on the rare occasion that I needed an Uber driver. 

As a solo traveler, having a car-free vacation in Savannah is such a joy. Saving money on not needing a rental car is a big benefit too. 

Whether you’re spending 2 days in Savannah or an entire week, you can walk until your heart is content. 

Possibly My Favorite Coffee Ever.
Drinking Spiced Lavender Mocha in Savannah.

Perfect for a Long Weekend Getaway

Want a solo weekend escape? Then go to Savannah. Seriously. Savannah’s smaller size makes it a perfect long weekend getaway destination. Larger cities, such as New York or San Francisco, feel overwhelming as short weekend trips, simply because you have so much that you’re able to see and do.

Savannah, on the other hand, is very relaxed. Is there a lot to do? Sure. Will you see it all? No. 

However, Savannah still feels very manageable in three or four days compared to more massive cities. So, if you need a short reset, then Savannah is the perfect solo travel destination for you. 

savannah has cute love locks on bridges

Very Friendly and Welcoming People

I encountered so many wonderful people on my solo trip to Savannah GA. And I don’t think this was a coincidence either! Savannah was recently named The Friendliest City in USA, which was absolutely true in my experience here.

Locals and tourists were so kind to me that I didn’t want to leave at the end of my visit. I talked to people in bars, in lines, in Ubers, and in museums. Everyone was just so … nice!

As a solo traveler, you’ll definitely make conversation with others, and won’t feel lonely for the duration of your trip. This open friendliness might be challenging for introverts, but Savannah is a dream come true for solo travelers who are total extroverts (like me!). 

You’ll make new friends as a solo traveler here, I promise! So don’t be afraid! 

savannah has many stunning trees

Best Things to Do on a Solo Trip to Savannah GA

You won’t run out of things to see and do in Savannah. If you’re only here for a weekend, then I promise you’ll plan a return trip, because there are so many cool historical sites, restaurants and bars, museums, day trips, and more.

I listed some of my favorite things to do alone in Savannah below, and I hope these suggestions help you plan your solo trip to Savannah GA. 

For additional research, you may want to purchase Lonely Planet’s Guide to Charleston and Savannah to research even more amazing things to do. Lonely Planet makes my favorite guidebooks, and I always read them – even if I’m not planning on a visiting a destination anytime soon, haha. 

Happy reading!

admiring savannah's gorgeous squares

Admire Savannah’s Squares

Savannah has so many gorgeous squares that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Do your research ahead of time about the best squares to visit in Savannah and then embark on a self-guided walking tour. You won’t be disappointed! 

Honestly, I just liked sitting in the squares with a coffee and walking everyone walk by me. I could’ve easily relaxed in these squares for hours. 

book shopping is another great thing to do on a solo trip in savannah ga

Buy Lots and Lots of Books

Ugh, as an English major, Savannah was a dream come true, because of the city’s many independent book stores. So many wonderful bookstores. 

In my opinion, book stores are best enjoyed alone, because you’re free to browse the shelves for as long as your heart desires. I, personally, could hang out in a bookstore for hours, and don’t want to annoy any travel buddies because of it. 

As you explore Savannah, don’t forget to check out at least one of these literary gems:

  • Books on the Bay: This small bookstore near River Street has thousands of vintage books available. Go here if you want to add to your used book collection. 
  • The Book Lady Bookstore: Another independent bookstore that has a huge collection – including new and gently used and vintage books – so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. This store is active in local non-profits, so your money will also benefit Savannah’s community, which is a win/win. 
  • E. Shaver Booksellers: This bookstore is located in a stunning historic building. Plus you’ll encounter cats. Yes, cats. What’s not to love?
lovely savannah cocktails
Savannah’s Bars are Perfect for Making Friends.

Create Your Own “Cocktail Crawl”

Savannah’s cocktails are legendary. Yes, you certainly can have traditional Chatham Artillery punch, but Savannah has many talented bartenders, and (unsurprisingly) many unique cocktails. 

For more specific recommendations, I personally loved Artillery Bar which is a super cool speakeasy set inside where the Georgia Hussars’ armory once housed the cavalry’s artillery. Artillery Bar has spacious seating at the bar, but also plenty of comfortable tables where you can sip your drink and listen to live music at the same time.

Another great option for fancy cocktails is the nearby Savoy Society, which not only has wonderful drinks, but delicious small plates if you’re feeling a bit hungry. 

As a disclaimer, drink responsibly as a solo traveler in Savannah. Always get an Uber if you’ve had too much to drink and don’t want to walk back alone to your hotel. Better safe than sorry. 

no solo trip to savannah ga is complete without mrs wilkes dining room

Eat Lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

As a lot of you know, I still get some anxiety eating alone in public, and immediately bolt for the bar at restaurants. All that fear vanished in Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

Get in line early. I got in line around 10:15 in the morning, and plenty of diners were already waiting in front of me. Don’t let the line turn you off. It’s part of the experience. I chatted with several lovely families that made the time fly. 

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room consists entirely of communal tables. Solo diners have an advantage because after the tables fill up, there is usually space for one more person. I was able to score a seat early, thanks to my single status. 

Don’t worry about sitting with strangers. You feel as if you’re in a family’s living room instead of a restaurant. Everyone bonds over the home cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, banana pudding, and more. I loved chatting with the people around me, and we even took a picture together. Trust me, you’ll feel like part of the community. Don’t be scared to eat here alone. 

look at this lovely smile alone in savannah

Enjoy Dinner at Alligator Soul

Alligator Soul is a highly rated Savannah restaurant with a beautiful bar. I went to the bar as soon as it opened, and had a lot of fun talking to the people around me. For some reason, this bar just felt social and relaxed, even though Alligator Soul is considered finer dining. 

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to try alligator, this is the place to go! I adored the alligator mac and cheese! Delicious!

you can see the forrest gump bench in savannah

Explore Savannah’s Many Museums

Visiting museums alone is the best. You’re able to spend as long or as little as you want in each exhibit, and if you ever get bored, then you can leave without disappointing your travel buddies. So, obviously, Savannah has a ton of great museums that are lovely to experience solo.

Fans of Forrest Gump won’t want to miss Savannah History Museum. You’ll see the iconic Forrest Gump bench that was brought in just for the movie. 

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of art, you won’t want to skip Telfair Museum, which actually bundles three museums for the cost of one ticket. I went to Telfair Academy specifically to see Bird Girl, which is the statue on the cover of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Savannah’s museums are also perfect for dreary and rainy weather. 

savannah is very spooky at night

Go on a Ghost Tour

Savannah’s reputation as a haunted destination makes a visit here even more fun. As a solo traveler, you’ll have your pick of several amazing ghost tours to learn all about the spirits that supposedly linger in the Historic District. 

I personally recommend Genteel and Bard’s Savannah Dark History and Ghost Walk on your solo trip to Savannah GA. I took this tour and absolutely loved it! The guides are professional storytellers who bring Savannah’s history to life, and thanks to the provided headsets, you will have no problems listening to every last detail.

Furthermore, Genteel and Bard are also a small, family-run company, so you’ll keep the money in local pockets, which is especially important in a tourist city such as Savannah. 

cannons at fort pulaski

Learn Civil War History at Fort Pulaski

Do you want to go outside the city and enjoy both nature and history? Then take a trip to Fort Pulaski National Monument. The Fort is part of the National Park Service and beautifully situated on Cockspur Island. Here, you’ll learn all about Civil War history whether you read the signs around the fort or opt to take a guided tour. 

Plenty of guided tours go to Fort Pulaski if you don’t have your own car (hey, I said you didn’t need one) and still want to visit. For example, this tour of Fort Pulaski includes a stop at beautiful Tybee Island. 

forsyth park is perfect on a sunny day

Relax in Forsyth Park

You can’t come to Savannah and miss Forsyth Park. Savannah’s oldest public park consists of 30 lush acres, making it perfect for an afternoon stroll. The Spanish Moss and white fountain make for absolutely breathtaking photographs. 

Tons of people visit Forsyth Park during the day, so you won’t awkwardly stand out as a solo traveler, which is a big win for you.

bonaventure cemetery beautiful grave

Reflect at Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah’s cemeteries are absolutely gorgeous and should not be missed. In particular, Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries that I’ve ever visited in the United States.

Bonaventure Cemetery is a fifteen to twenty minute drive away from the Historic District, but well worth your time and effort. What’s super cool is that Bonaventure Cemetery has its own app that will take you on an informative self-guided walk to learn about its permanent residents. 

If you’d prefer a guide, Savannah has many wonderful walking tours of Bonaventure that include transportation from the Historic District. 

No matter what you decide, Bonaventure Cemetery is a “must see” for your solo trip to Savannah GA. 

savannah is a very beautiful city

Simply Fall in Love with Savannah’s Aesthetic 

Honestly, Savannah is a wonderful city to just … be. Sure, I ate a lot of great meals and took tons of historic tours, but I would have been happy just walking, admiring the historic homes, and people-watching from a scenic bench.

I recommend taking a solo trip to Savannah GA for travelers who want to slow down and relax. You don’t need to run around with a checklist of a million things to see and do to still have a wonderful time.

flags on jones street in savannah

Take Pictures on Jones Street

Jones Street is one of the most beautiful streets that I’ve ever visited in the United States. A solo stroll here is nothing short of magical. I loved taking plenty of pictures, and pretending that I had enough money to outright buy one of the impressive stately homes (a girl can dream, right?). 

Taking photographs of the homes (and many American flags) is easy, because of the wide brick-paved streets and sidewalk. Just be careful of cars! I saw quite a few tourists try to take pictures in the middle of the street without checking for traffic. Not recommended, haha. 

stunning silver china at the low home

Tour a Beautiful Historic Home

Savannah has several historic homes that you’re able to visit. Honestly, you won’t be able to see all of them, so my advice is to read about a couple homes and pick one or two of them to check out. 

On my own visit, I had the pleasure of seeing the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters, as well as the Andrew Low House Museum, and I highly recommend both homes to anyone visiting Savannah. The guides were passionate and knowledgeable, and took their time answering everyone’s questions.  

river street candy store is delicious

Wander River Street

Last but not least, no solo trip to Savannah is complete without strolling River Street. Sure, lots of tourists pack this famous street’s shops and restaurants, but I enjoyed strolling along the water, especially in the early morning with a coffee in hand. 

On River Street, I highly suggest stopping at River Street Sweets Candy Store and sampling pecan pralines. The free samples are still warm and absolutely delicious! Pralines are a southern candy tradition, so if you have an unrelenting sweet tooth (like me), then they’re not to be missed! 

The best part? No one will judge how pralines you eat since you’re traveling alone to Savannah. Win/win. 

plant riverside artwork in savannah

Solo Travel Savannah: Essential Tips

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to write a couple of important tips for your upcoming solo trip to Savannah GA. If you’re an experienced solo traveler, you’ll likely find a visit to Savannah is pretty easy in comparison, but it’s always important to do your research regardless. 

a lovely trolley in savannah

How to Get Around Savannah

Like I said, you don’t need a rental car in the Historic District. Walking everywhere is absolutely fine. I actually encourage it. You never know what you’ll find in a small, pretty street near a square. Of course, if you feel super tired or it’s late at night, then opt to take an Uber. I never waited for more than two minutes for a car. 

Ubers frequently run between Savannah and the airport, too. It’s about a twenty minute drive from the Historic District, so, unless you hit major traffic, you don’t need to worry about wasting a ton of time in the car. 

husk bar in savannah georgia
Enjoying a Wonderful Solo Dinner at Husk.

In addition, Savannah’s trolleys are iconic. Take a popular hop-on, hop-off trolley tour to easily see some of the most popular points of interest in the city. Stops include River Street, Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, and more!

Not to mention, Savannah has an abundance of well-qualified tour guides, so you’ll definitely learn quite a bit of history on your trolley ride. 

All in all, Savannah is very easy to navigate even when you’re alone. 

on a solo trip in savannah ga be careful at night

Is Savannah GA Safe?

If you read about the crime statistics in Savannah, you might worry about your safety here, but on my own solo trip, I had absolutely zero problems. Not a single person bothered me or made me uncomfortable in Savannah, which is really, really awesome.

Not to mention, Savannah is an incredibly popular tourist destination, and anyone who works in hospitality legitimately wants you to feel comfortable here. 

However, you don’t act completely oblivious about your safety in Savannah either. I think people run into trouble when they come here believing Savannah is a small and sleepy Southern town, when in reality, Savannah is still a city with areas that you’ll want to avoid like any other American city. 

gracie's grave is one of the most visited in savannah

My advice for solo travelers is to pay the extra money to stay in the Historic District. Savannah’s Historic District is always busy with tourists and locals, and you’ll never feel totally vulnerable and alone. For example, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency, and the streets were well-trafficked and well-lit. 

Another suggestion is to avoid walking through Forsyth Park alone in the middle of the night. The park is stunning during the day and well worth visiting, but in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t go exploring here. I would say the same thing for Central Park in NYC. 

As always, take an Uber if you feel uncomfortable walking back to your hotel. A lot of the ghost tours end later at night, and while I had no issues walking back (it was a super busy night), don’t worry about spending a bit of extra money for the peace of mind. 

on a solo trip to savannah ga you will love the homes

Where to Stay in Savannah 

Although more expensive, I personally recommend staying in Savannah’s Historic District. You want to be smack in the middle of the action as a solo traveler, not only because a central location makes it easier to reach the major sites, but areas bustling with locals and tourists are safer too. 

Below, I’ve listed a couple of suggestions for your visit. 

Keep in mind that Savannah also has several lovely bed and breakfasts that are popular with couples. I felt more comfortable staying at a hotel for this trip, but if you don’t mind being surrounded by couples (who I’m sure are lovely, haha), then research some bed and breakfasts too! 

solo trip to savannah ga means lots of great squares

Accommodation for a Solo Trip to Savannah GA

  • Andaz Savannah: Right on Ellis Square, this trendy and sophisticated hotel has everything you could possibly need on your solo trip to Savannah GA. A little on the pricier side, but great if you want to splurge. See prices on TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com.
  • Hyatt Regency Savannah: I don’t normally stay at big Hyatt hotels, but the Regency on River Street was a delight. I was able to walk to everything, and staying in a larger hotel made me feel comfortable as a solo traveler. See prices on TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com.
  • Thunderbird Inn: Do you want to stay a reasonably priced accommodation with a fun retro twist? Look no further than Thunderbird Inn! I hear the cookies are outstanding too! See prices on TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com.

charming street sign banard

I hope this guide gives you all you need to know for a wonderful solo trip to Savannah GA! As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about your upcoming adventure.