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Stuck Travel Blogger

As an English Nerd, I love creating and changing definitions. When I was an immature teenager, I enjoyed the inappropriate website “,” which says it all about me and my sick sense of humor.

My own definitions aren’t always earth shattering or even remotely interesting, but I never pretended to be the next Shakespeare or Wilde nor am I pretentious enough to act like I’m the world’s greatest satirist. But hey. I have fun. I’d have a blast working for the Oxford English Dictionary aka The Bible aka The Greatest Close-Reading Source ever.

Anyway. Definitions. For example, my blog banner redefines two random words – “blond” and “wayfarer” – into a single noun, a person who is a “lover of lit. & wanderlust” and an “anxious risker.” “Blond Wayfarer” is a very personal name for me and carves out my own little niche in an oversaturated blogging market. Don’t ask what will happen if I dye my hair, though.

So what does this post’s title mean? What’s a “stuck travel blogger” and why the heck should you guys care?

Angst ahead, dear readers!

You’ve been warned! I promise to have that Budapest post written soon, I know I told you guys all about it, but this problem has been annoying me.

Stuck Blogger
Help! Help! I’m stuck!

For me, a “stuck travel blogger” is a not only a traveler who’s trapped at home for an undetermined length of time, but a “stuck travel blogger” is also a traveler whose creative energy has been a) sapped or b) diverted away from the travel blog itself.

I’m not a full time digital nomad. Currently I’m a high school English teacher. The school year has officially started, meaning I’m dragging my exhausted limbs out of bed at 6 in the morning to take care of 90+ teenagers, plus last year’s students who’ve missed me terribly and want recommendation letters for college.

Most days I love my job and I especially love my students. I’d never diss them or blame them for my own shortcomings. They’ve a lot of needs, but they’re teenagers and the responsibility comes with the job territory.

However, the beginning of the school year always knocks me on my butt. I’m not a brand new teacher, drowning at all the paperwork, but nonetheless, September manages to kill my soul a little. I come home unable to do much of anything except half-heartedly read classics and fall asleep earlier than my grandmom probably does.

My spirits will improve in October, though. It’s temporary.

Lessons Learned in Western Canada
Focus, focus, focus. Come on. You can do it!

So my energy hasn’t been channeled into my blog lately. My main worries are centered on my classes passing their summer reading tests and my success planning lessons for the next week.

Yet, to make the matters even worse, I’ve ALWAYS been guilty of taking on too many projects at once and then never finishing them. Remember when I told you about my number #1 travel blog mistake? I’m not only lazy, but I suffer a chronic condition that forces me to spread my energy thin. Unsurprisingly, this attitude never ends with a finished product that I can truly feel proud of.

Heck, last year, I wanted to create an author website and self-publish novels, and y’all can see how well that turned out since neither the website nor novels exist in cyberspace. I think I have an author twitter account, with maybe 19 followers, that I haven’t logged into for a year.

This nasty habit extends into my “real life” too. I throw myself toward a goal, such as finding a lucrative job or losing weight or even creating an awesome curriculum, and then – at the last possible minute – a shiny new task occupies my mind and my original goal dies for approximately 6 months. Then rinse and repeat.

How Teaching Improved My Travel Skills
At this rate, none of my masterpieces will be featured in a museum!

I don’t know how to fix these motivational problems. I admire people who never, ever, ever give up, and I wish I had their dedication along with their elusive ability to throw all their energy into one super amazing project – a blog, youtube channel, author website, whatever.

I don’t want to lose motivation when it comes to maintaining and updating this blog.

I’m passionate about travel. Over the weekend, I was instantly approved for a shiny new credit card that makes it easier than ever for me to earn various travel rewards. No matter how much my attention waivers, travel is usually the one constant passion in my life.

However, I’ve been avoiding my blog. Not. A. Good. Sign.

I’m determined to plough through this low creative point and not allow me to defeat myself.

So stay tuned readers as I take on my bad habits and provide you in the near future with a photo essay about Budapest.

Stuck Travel Blogger
I will stay strong like a runner in a marathon.

Do you take on too many projects at once? Is your energy and/or attention easily diverted? Do you have any solutions for me? Hahaha, sometimes my readers have the best ideas so I wanted to ask you!

4 thoughts on “Stuck Travel Blogger

  1. Amanda | Lesson Plans & Layovers says:

    I hear ya! For the past two years I have been an elementary school teacher and at the end of the day, you are just so exhausted! I’m currently struggling with finding inspiration to write on my own blog – I don’t have a teaching job this year and I’m almost done a series of posts on my most recent trip to Scotland, but after that, I’m sort of stumped as to where to go from here, since I’m not going to be travelling, or teaching for that matter, until who knows when. Ahh I share your frustration!

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:


      But, yes, staying inspired can be such a challenge. I’m not traveling until my school breaks so I need to bid my time and somehow write fantastic posts. It’s a brain drain, for sure!

  2. Audrey says:


    I’m new to your blog, but I love your style and this post really resonated with me. I have the exact same problem with focusing and seeing things through to the end. But you’re right, when travel is your passion and you have a gift for writing, we mustn’t give up. Good luck to you!

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Absolutely! Nothing else to do except push through those “creative slumps.” Thank you so much for reading my blog! I’m always excited whenever I see a comment from a new reader.

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