thoughts on summer vacation

On Summer Vacation, the Jersey Shore, and Self-Love

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Yaaaaay, school’s out for summer and it’s time for a shiny life update! Summer is a season that’s often packed to the brim with exciting travel plans, but as for me, I’m rediscovering lots of self-love on my summer vacation. Awwwww.

Or at least I’m championing self-love as my personal mission, aha. I don’t know if I’m truly accomplishing my emotional goals yet, but I’m determined to keep working toward them. No one ever said changing oneself was going to be an easy task, after all.

Now I think summer is the perfect time not only to travel, but also to reflect on who you are as a person and learn all about yourself! Summer is great for transformations of all sorts to take place. Physical changes. Emotional changes. Spiritual changes. You name it. Summer means new possibilities.

To be cliche, you’re a caterpillar changing into a fully bloomed butterfly.

However, this summer is a little different for me. No. Very different.

Not only am I utilizing this summer to focus on self-love, but my travel plans are surprisingly limited compared to previous years. I’m visiting Seattle for a week at the end of August, but otherwise, I’m staying put at the Jersey Shore.

Say whaaaaaaat?!

thoughts on summer vacation

Err, so why am I at the Jersey Shore?

Some of you might be thinking: “Rachel, come on, you usually have a huge trip planned in July and August. Why are you just frolicking on New Jersey’s beaches? Don’t you wanna go abroad for an epic adventure? I bet you do!”

Oh, sure, I always want to travel every single second of every single day, but at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of quality time dedicated to pure relaxation.

As you know, this year hasn’t been the greatest for me, so I’m using my summer holidays to not just unwind, but also rediscover my own self-worth. It’s a full time job, believe me, but a worthwhile one.

thoughts on summer vacation

You see, over the last few weeks, I realized that I easily fall into negative mindsets about life in general. I remain upbeat on this blog, but my emotions in “the real world” may surprise you guys. For instance, it’s super easy for me to feel jealous of other people, or fall into the insidious trap where I believe everyone else plays life on “easy mode” except for poor lil’ me.

Of course you can’t attract the life of your dreams with that type of crappy attitude!

So I’m using the time at the shore to reprogram my mind. I want to focus more on feeling grateful for what I have rather than what’s missing. Furthermore, I also want to spend all my energy on what I do want rather than what I don’t want.

See a pattern? It’s like a switch flipping. But it’s hard. Real hard. So I need time and space to achieve this brand new world view.

thoughts on summer vacation

Why You Should Relax this Summer?

Alright, let’s stop talking about me and focus on you now. I think you also need to make some room for personal improvement this summer. Now cause you’re a bad person, but because we all could feel happier.

Or, heck, just use the time to be shamelessly lazy. You deserve it!

So why relax in the summer rather than fall or winter? Well …

1. It is hot. Ain’t no one got time for stress. I don’t know about you, but New Jersey is sweltering hot and humid at the height of summer. Do you really wanna feel overwhelmed in the heat? Hmm. Nope. So take the time to slow down and smell the flowers. No one wants to feel hot and anxious, right? Go slow. Chill.

2. Summer is an ideal time to fill yourself with positivity. Sunny days. The beach. Flip-flops. Cute flow-y dresses. Summer’s vibe always makes me feel extra light on my feet. Internalize your environment until you’re smiling every single day. Soon your smile will be real and everyone around you will feel the same positive vibes you do. It sounds cheesy, but a genuine grin works wonders on your mood.

3. You likely have spare time on your hands anyway. So use it to your advantage. I completely understand this point doesn’t apply to everyone. But there’s a chance you might have extra hours to unwind in July and August. As you already know, I’m a teacher so I’m blessed with a gigantic summer vacation. I know students have generous holidays too. However, I have a few friends with traditional “9-5 jobs,” and they’re usually allowed to work at home on Fridays. Perfect! Own your spare time.

thoughts on summer vacation

Self-Love Tips for the Summer Months.

So, okay, the process of slowing down is an awesome idea. But what about practical tips for implementing self-love especially in the summer? I have you covered there too, my friends!

1. Exercise! It’s a beautiful day! Go outside and then be active! I’ve been living a healthier lifestyle and the resulting benefits are enormous. Cleaner skin, stronger muscles, less likely to get out of breath, you name it. Exercise is important so make time to move your body. Try and find a physical activity you enjoy such as swimming in the ocean or rock climbing.

2. Eat real foods. All the best produce, such as fruit and veggies, are “in season” right now. Savor a fresh package of strawberries on a hot sunny afternoon and feel your mood increase. Eat all high quality produce that’s in season this summer. In particular, you also want to take advantage of the healthy food options in the summer months. For example, New Jersey is called the Garden State for a reason. Corn, blueberries, and peaches are all available. Mmm, yummy.

3. Make time for friends and family. Always make your friends and family priorities in your summer plans. Nourish those connections that might be more difficult to manage at busier times of the year.

4. Read a new thought provoking book. I’m trying to actually read books this summer! I love to read, but (ack!), I can be notoriously slow when it comes to finishing an entire novel. Add ammo to your knowledge. You might be able to impress someone. At the very least, you’ll be smarter in September and who doesn’t love intelligence?

thoughts on summer vacation

What are your summer plans, readers? Are you traveling? Staying home? Share in the comments. 

thoughts on summer vacation

2 thoughts on “On Summer Vacation, the Jersey Shore, and Self-Love

  1. Kara says:

    Hi Rachel! You look great girl! Good for you for continuing your self-love journey. I can relate to feeling jealous at times and comparing myself with others. Social media doesn’t help!! I am back home in Vancouver and I got my old job back. I am hoping to return to New Zealand either late this year or early 2019. Big hug.

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Kara — All thanks so much!! And yes, social media is the devil for comparing yourself to others. I may do a social media cleanse on my personal channels and only focus on my blog ones. 🙂 Good luck with returning to New Zealand!

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