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Rachel’s Ultimate 2017 Travel Moments

2017 travel moments

Rachel’s Ultimate 2017 Travel Moments Wooooow, I can’t believe the year is already winding to a close. Time flies, my friends! But I won’t ramble about how we need more hours in a day. Lord knows I complain too much about that on this poor little blog. Anyway 2017 certainly brought some cool travel memories […]

Exploring the Texas Capital with Austin Detours

austin detours

Because I only had four days to spend in Austin, I wanted to wisely maximize my time so I could fully experience this “weird” city. Personally, I’m a big fan of walking or van tours that take you to all the city’s main attractions. I try to schedule these excursions on my first day, so I […]

Photo Essay: 25 Photos that’ll Prove Spring in Austin is Perfect

Spring in Austin is a real treat. As you guys already know from my monthly news post, I was fortune enough to spend part of my spring break in the artsy, fun, and vibrant capital of Texas. Despite some, erm, erratic weather, spring in Austin was an awesome choice for me, because it served as a reminder […]