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8 Things I Wish I Knew About Travel Blogging

travel blogger for beginners

Ahhh, the whole concept of “travel blogging for beginners” feels overwhelming for me to explain. Lately, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about how to start a blog and earn a supplemental income. Curiosity has increased since Mediavine (my favorite ad platform for bloggers) helped boost my earnings tenfold.  Whenever I’m asked about money […]

10 Reasons I Love Blogging (Why Blogging is Worth It!)

You guys, I love blogging a lot, a lot, a lot. I’m sure I’m stating the obvious here. It’s impossible to blog for as long as I have without liking it. Believe it or not, I’ve been running my travel blog since May 2015 (oh my god, say what?!), and without a doubt, my blogging journey […]

I Give Up (Or Why Jealousy *Almost* Made Me Quit Travel Blogging)

I’m not kidding around. This title is not clickbait. Not even close. I seriously almost quit travel blogging this month. It was not a good time, my friends, not a good time at all. As you know, I’ve been running this website for a little more than three years. I might not have always updated consistently, […]

Are Travel Blogging Conferences Worth It?

travel blogging conference

Hmmmm, so are travel blogging conferences worth it? I hate to say it, but determining whether or not travel blogging conferences are worth your energy highly depends on you and your blog. I’m sorry for the complete and total non-answer. However, each travel blogger is different. Not only as far as their blogs are concerned […]

Girl Power Forever: Why Women’s Travel Fest Is Incredible

women's travel fest

As travelers, sometimes it’s hard to meet people who understand why exploring the world nourishes our souls. In my case, I have been asked if I will ever “settle down” (code for “get married and kids”) or if my “travel phase will stop ’cause I’ve already been everywhere.” That second statement makes me laugh. I […]