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skyline of toronto on a sunny day

3 Days in Toronto Itinerary: What to Do Over a Long Weekend

At heart, I’m the type of traveler who absolutely adores the ubiquitous buzzy atmosphere that you’re only able to find in big cities. However, at the same time, I totally understand hectic streets, energetic crowds, subway trains, and towering skyscrapers aren’t for anyone. Which is totally fine! We’re all different, particularly when spending our hard-earned […]

vancouver solo travel

Vancouver Solo Travel: Best Tips for Your Visit

Updated: 12 January 2024 Oh, Canada Canada. Who doesn’t love Canada? On this blog, I’ve massively advocated solo travel to Canada, and it’s a country that continues to intrigue me. At this point, I’ve visited Canada well over seven or eight times, mostly alone.  A lot of Americans overlook Canada, seeing the nation only as […]

taking a solo trip to toronto and enjoying golden hour

Is Toronto Worth Visiting? My Honest Opinion

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and therefore, a popular tourist destination in North America. A lot of people visit Toronto as a stop on their way to Niagara Falls, but this city is also a good option for a longer roadtrip or even a weekend getaway. As for me, on my most recent 3 […]

solo travel in toronto at the hockey hall of fame

Solo Travel Toronto: Everything You Need to Know

Toronto is the largest city in Canada (actually, it’s the fourth biggest city in all of North America), so understandably, it is a massive tourist destination. Furthermore, Toronto is also well known for its many museums, green spaces, close proximity to Niagara Falls, and renowned film festival. So, as someone who only lives a short […]

is kingston canada worth visiting? absolutely

Is Kingston Canada Worth Visiting? My Honest Opinion

NOTE: Visit Kingston hosted me for a long weekend in exchange for coverage on my travel blog. As always, all opinions are my own, and it is my main priority to truthfully write about my experiences.  As a solo traveler, I love small university cities. Love them. Personally, as someone who lives near a big […]