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2 days in quebec offers wonderful views

8 Awesome First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations Canada

Why visit Canada for your first solo trip? Well, why NOT visit Canada is the more reasonable question. After all, Canada is an absolutely massive country that is home to diverse landscapes, cities, attractions, people, food, you name it. Canada is the gift that keeps on giving. So, unless you have a year (or more!) to […]

solo travel in new brunswick canada is amazing like hopewell rocks

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in New Brunswick Canada

Note: New Brunswick Tourism hosted me for the week in exchange for coverage on my travel blog. As always, all opinions are my own, and it is my main priority to truthfully write about my experiences.  Are you an adventurous spirit who loves kayaking and hiking on a sunny afternoon? Are you fascinated by prehistoric […]

solo travel in canada

5 Reasons Canada is Perfect for Solo Female Travel

Updated: 27 July 2023 Are you an adventurer who lives in North America? Do you want to get away and not fly for hours on end? Or are you a solo traveler from Europe who wants to see some epic, breathtaking scenery and are willing to travel for it? Well! I have news for you. […]

solo travel quebec tip: take long solo walks for these views

2 Days in Quebec City: How to Plan Your Weekend Escape

Planning a trip to Canada? Don’t skip Quebec City. For me, visiting Quebec City was absolutely delightful, because all the quaint homes, cobblestone streets, small boutiques, and outdoor bistros made me feel as though if I’ve been transported to Europe. … Without dealing with the long flight, of course. What a treat. So, if you […]

solo travel montreal

Montreal Solo Travel: Why You Should Go Alone on Your Next Trip

UPDATED: November 3rd 2022 As someone who speaks a little French, I have a particular fondness for visiting Canada, especially the province of Quebec. For me, a solo trip to Montreal was truly special in many ways, especially as a (basic) French speaker and huge hockey fan. What’s not to love? So are you ready […]