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Vilnius Sightseeing: Things to Do in Lithuania’s Capital

Vilnius Sightseeing

Ready for Vilnius Sightseeing? There are so many awesome things to do in Vilnius! “Whoa, sounds cool,” you might be thinking at this very moment. “I’m totally ready for some good Vilnius sightseeing. Let’s do it. … Where is Vilnius at anyway? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it…” Haha, don’t feel bad. Honestly, […]

Traveling to Europe Alone: 7 GREAT Reasons to Go Solo

orkney tourist guide

I Love Traveling to Europe Alone Traveling to Europe alone is fun and easy. Truth be told, if you’ve read my “Destinations” page, then you can tell I love traveling to Europe alone a lot.Some of you probably wonder if I’ll ever add different continents to my (ahem out of date) destinations list. I will, I promise. New […]

Terrific Small European Towns for Solo Travelers

Best Small European Towns for Solo Travelers We’ve all heard of London, Paris, Rome, Munich, and Prague. All energetic cities that offer a wide variety of great sites, activities, restaurants, and accommodation. It’s no surprise that these destinations appear again and again on many solo travelers’ itineraries. Read r/travel or the Lonely Planet forums, and you’ll see what I mean. […]

24 Photos that’ll Inspire You to Visit Budapest in Winter

visit budapest in winter

Visit Budapest in Winter If you read my fall and winter travel plans, you’ll know I was super stoked to visit Budapest in winter. I fell in love with Budapest two summers ago, but only had 36 hours to experience the Hungarian capital. Not enough. Staying a week in Budapest was a fantastic decision. I could […]

Photo Essay: 20 Photos that will Make You Visit Vilnius Now

It’s been quiet in “Wayfarer Land.” Sorry, folks. I have some big news I’ll share this week, which will explain my quietness throughout much of August. I promise I didn’t disappear to be a jerk. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, I wanted to enchant everyone with some photos of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.  Honestly, I […]