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Have Pre-Travel Anxiety? These 7 Tips Will Help You Now!

7 Tips for Anxious Solo Travelers

Tips for Beating Pre-Travel Anxiety You’re not alone in your pre-travel anxiety. I promise. I hope these tips for anxious solo travelers will encourage and reassure you. After all, I used feel the same unsettling anxiety you do now. Heck, on occasion, I still feel the same way you do now. The thought of packing, […]

She’s A Quiet Wayfarer

Liebster Award

Helloooooo. Rachel? Are you out there? Where is she? Why has she been such a quiet wayfarer when she normally never shuts her mouth? Many reasons. But, regardless, I’m sure a lot of you have been rolling your eyes at the radio silence on this blog. I apologize for my online nonexistence. Anyway. I have […]

5 Ways to Reassure Worried Family and Friends About Traveling

Self-image and Travel

As you know, I normally discuss my own issues with anxiety here. It’s one of the central focuses of this travel blog. However this post will take a different turn and focus not necessarily on anxiety itself, but worried family and friends. Let’s use our imaginations for a second: You’ve finally gathered your courage and […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Hypochondria and Travel

Hypochondria and Travel

Hypochondria or health anxiety is often the subject of humor. Seriously, pop “hypochondria” into google. All sorts of entertaining images grace your screen.  With the rise of Web MD and Mayo Clinic, it’s easier than ever to fall into a spiral of hysterical, symptom-checking tendencies. In a lot of ways, hypochondria is a natural outcome […]

Overcoming Travel Anxiety: Great First Time Destinations

Reasons To Create A Travel Blog

Overcoming Travel Anxiety: First Time Destinations Unsurprising fact of the post: I’m not a very brave person and still overcoming travel anxiety. Overcoming travel anxiety is tough. I even have a hard time with it! A lot of people, specifically family and friends, disagree with me. After all, I ran off a mountain to face my fear of flying. […]