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Solo Travel in Berlin: Everything You Need to Know

Guide to Solo Travel in Berlin Dun, dun, dun! Welcome to my guide to solo travel in Berlin! You guys, I think Berlin is perfect for independent travelers who are seeking both fascinating historical sites and contemporary experiences. It may not be “traditional Germany,” but besides that, Berlin packs a punch that you won’t forget […]

Best Sample Itinerary: Backpack for 2 weeks in Europe

2 week backpacking europe itinerary should include vienna

Itinerary: Backpack for 2 Weeks in Europe Do you plan to backpack for 2 weeks in Europe? Excellent. Backpacking Europe is almost a rite of passage for new and excited travelers. You’ll taste diverse and amazing food, see art that’s glorified in history books, walk along crumbling castle walls, and take photos of the same […]

Day Trip Guide: How to Get to Dachau from Munich

how to get to dachau from munich guide

Day Trip: How to Get to Dachau from Munich A lot of visitors coming to Bavaria want to know how to get to Dachau from Munich. After all, Dachau Concentration Camp is one of the most popular and harrowing trips to take when staying in Munich for any length of time. And, despite how angry Dachau […]

12 Reasons to Visit Germany Right Now

reasons to visit germany: see the berlin wall

12 Reasons to Visit Germany Right Now Haha, as if you need actual reasons to visit Germany, but I’ll still humor you! After all, we already know Germany is awesome, because you can devour lots and lots of currywurst … at least in Berlin. Oh, and the beer? Delicious. Your stomach will adore you.  Therefore, […]

6 (Short and Easy) Europe Backpacking Routes

backpacking routes europe

Incredibly Fun Europe Backpacking Routes Europe is probably the greatest playground in the world for solo travelers, and sometimes I don’t even know where to begin when it’s time to plan my adventures. There are so many wonderful backpacking routes in Europe available for all types of travelers. I’m not even kidding, you guys. I […]