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Amazing Literary Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

books are a travel alternative

Literary Festivals Around the World As someone who loves literary travel so much that I make it my life’s mission to visit significant places related to authors, I thought a post about bookish festivals was long overdue. Please keep in mind that I, uhhh, actually haven’t been to any of these festivals yet. I know, I know, I fail, haha. But […]

A Soaking Summer Day in Dresden

day in dresden

I’m an expert at making mistakes on the road. “You missed your appointed time,” the guard told me, pursing her lips. “I did? I didn’t see this door…” I glanced at the solid metal door behind her. Knots formed in my stomach. “I’m sorry. I thought the vault’s entrance was there,” I said when she […]

Two Days in Munich Germany: A Photo Guide

two days in Munich

Photo Guide: Two Days in Munich Without a doubt, spending 48 hours in Munich is so much fun. I highly recommend this city to all travelers, solo female travelers included among them, and I really hope this photo guide will help you plan your upcoming adventure to Munich. On my own summer tour throughout Central […]