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6 Unmistakable Reasons to Travel with Contiki

contiki bus trip

Hello everyone! Today’s guest post was written by Victoria Begin. She resides in Ottawa, and has traveled mostly in Europe and the United States. Victoria occasionally writes for a theater blog called, “Theatromania.” You can find samples of her work about Into the Woods and Peter Pan in Wonderland. As you know, I love to […]

Guest Post: The Adventurer’s Travel Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife: More than Banana Boats and Playa de Las Americas! Are you ready for this travel guide to Tenerife? I never thought I’d be raving about Tenerife as a travel blogger. It’s the kind of place that makes you immediately think of Playa Las Americas – getting wasted in bars and falling into the sea […]

Guest Post: How Travel Helps Me With Depression

Note: Although anxiety plays a (too big) role in my life, I don’t experience much depression, nor have I been diagnosed with depression. So I don’t feel as if I’m the proper authority to speak on the subject. In this post, Kara Lockwood of “Creative Heart Travel” explains how travel helps her with depression. If you […]

Guest Post: Travel Is Not Just for the Young

Time for some brutal honesty: I’m not a fan of those “30 before 30” and “vacations you *must* take in your 20s” type lists that bombard the travel community. Maybe I’m silly, but I don’t think life ends when you turn 30. You can still travel. 30, 40, 50, whatever age you want! Kara Lockwood […]