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Photo Essay: 36 Hours in Budapest

How Not To Write A Terrible European Itinerary

I already know what you’re thinking: “36 hours in Budapest? Is she crazy? You can’t see Budapest in only 36 hours! There’s no way!” You’re right. Majorly right. You need far more than 36 hours to truly immerse yourself into Hungary’s capital city. I already want to return to Budapest because I missed out on so […]

Central European Summer of 2015

Central Europe Holiday

A 7ish Week Journey In Central Europe Extra, extra! Read all about it! I’m traveling through Central Europe this summer with Busabout! Sponsor-free, of course. I’m super stoked for this adventure. 7 weeks is the longest I’ve traveled overseas (I hear you laughing, seasoned wayfarers, stopit!), and I’m positively jumping out of my skin to embark on […]