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6 (Short and Easy) Europe Backpacking Routes

backpacking routes europe

I love, love, love Europe so much. Why am I obsessed enough to constantly fly over the Atlantic Ocean despite me hating flying with a burning passion? Because I LOVE Europe. In my biased opinion, Europe is (without a doubt) the greatest playground in the world for solo travelers. Sometimes I don’t even know where […]

The 21 Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe

best places to travel alone in europe

Believe it or not, it’s actually tough to think of the best places to travel alone in Europe. Obviously, Europe is home to a wide variety of safe cities and towns and natural wonders that are all wonderful options for solo travelers. As you already know, I like returning to Europe time and time again since […]

What’s It Like Traveling Ireland With Shamrocker Adventures?

shamrocker adventures review

On my solo trip to Ireland, I took a Shamrocker Adventures tour around the perimeter of the Emerald Isle. I was hopelessly stuck between jobs at the moment, so I didn’t have the time nor energy to plan a detailed itinerary. Life burned me out. I know this attitude is “against the travelers’ code of […]

Ahhh! The Creepiest Places I’ve Visited in Europe

creepiest places to visit in Europe

Halloween is almost here! Yay! Who doesn’t adore Halloween? It’s one of my favorite holidays ever. Sadly, my Halloween has been a little quiet. Meaning I didn’t shimmy on a packed NYC club’s dance floor wearing a homemade costume. Not to mention, I’m way too old to go Trick or Treating. Like way too old. […]

Photo Essay: 20 Photos that will Inspire You to Visit Dublin

Visit Dublin St. Patrick’s Day is today! Exciting, huh? If only I didn’t have a million inches of snow outside my window and could actually go to a parade, but oh well. I’ll live. Instead of wearing green and cheering in the streets, I’ll settle for sharing a couple amazing photos that will inspire you to […]