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The Best Bookish Cities in Europe

beginners guide to Porto

Europe’s Best Bookish Cities Are you ready for some literary wanderlust? I know I am! As an English teacher, I feel like it’s my super special duty to promote literature destinations – of all shapes and sizes – from around the globe! I love books (and they love me)! Some travelers seek out authentic street […]

That Time I Fell Off a Bike in the Aran Islands

The Time I Fell Off a Bike in the Aran Islands

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” I moaned, lying on the pavement in a crumpled heap. A horse neighed in the distance as I examined my leg. No bruises yet, but my skin was tender under my fingers. Big black circles would appear on my thigh by tomorrow. No doubt. Wincing, I sat and glanced at my bike. The wheel spun in […]

A Literature Lover’s Advice for How to Visit Yeats in Scenic Drumcliff

visiting yeats in drumcliff

Happy (almost) Saint Patrick’s Day, Wayfarers! We need a post about Ireland to ring in the occasion, don’t we? Hmm. I think I’ll skip chatting about Guinness and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, though. I wanna talk about visiting Yeats in Drumcliff instead. Were you expecting anything different from me? The same girl who was heartbroken because she […]

Overcoming Travel Anxiety: Great First Time Destinations

Reasons To Create A Travel Blog

Overcoming Travel Anxiety: First Time Destinations Unsurprising fact of the post: I’m not a very brave person and still overcoming travel anxiety. Overcoming travel anxiety is tough. I even have a hard time with it! A lot of people, specifically family and friends, disagree with me. After all, I ran off a mountain to face my fear of flying. […]