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is como worth visiting definitely

Is Lake Como Worth Visiting? An Honest Guide

Updated: 3 May 2023 Is Lake Como worth visiting?? Seriously, what sort of ridiculous question is that?! Haha, I imagine a couple of my readers are picking their collective jaws off the floor at this very second.  As travelers, we’ve all heard of Lake Como. In case your memory needs refreshing (doubt it), Lake Como […]

2 days in cinque terre is awesome

2 Days in Cinque Terre: Best Things to See & Do in a Weekend

Updated: 1 April 2023 Cinque Terre is one of the most popular day trips in Italy. Seriously, I’m sure I’m telling you nothing new when I brag about these classic little villages. From Milan and Genoa, tourists visit these villages for the classic and rough seaside views that capture the essence of the Italian Rivera. […]

wearing a shawl is one of the most important things to know before going to venice

7 Important Things to Know Before Going to Venice

Romantic Venice is a bucket list destination for many, many travelers around the world. And who can blame them? Despite exploring much of Europe, I personally think Venice is one of the most unique and beautiful cities that I’ve ever visited in my life. Although very much on the beaten path, Venice is well-loved for […]

solo travel italy: go to small villages

Solo Travel Italy: 10 Reasons to Go to “The Boot” Alone

Updated: January 31 2023. Italy is one of my absolute favorite countries in all of Europe. Is it cliche to love Italy so much? Maybe, but come on. Visiting Italy is so popular and beloved for a reason. But what about people who don’t have a romantic partner or group of friends to take a […]

solo travel venice tip: gondala rides are expensive

Is Venice Worth Visiting? My Honest Opinion

Venice is one of the most visited and beloved cities in all of Italy. And this totally makes sense! What’s not to love? Venice is beautiful. The canals, gondolas, and elegantly decaying buildings. The atmosphere is magical. Not to mention, Venice is one of the most unique cities in the world, and is home to […]