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staying in corniglia for these views

Staying in Corniglia: My Favorite Cinque Terre Town

Cinque Terre isn’t one place. This famous destination consists of five small villages located on the rugged Italy coast. These cliffs overlook the aqua Ligurian sea as if hiding out from the modern world. In Cinque Terre, you’ll find pesto, hikes, sea food, and charm. So, unsurprisingly, these rainbow-splashed towns are immensely popular with both […]

Northern Italy Itinerary 8 Days seeing statues in como

Northern Italy Itinerary 8 Days: An Unforgettable Trip

Travelers are powerfully drawn to Italy. And it’s easy to understand the country’s appeal. I mean, Italy is enticing. No doubt about it. As for me, I’ve visited Italy twice and plan to visit again. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling excitement bubbling inside my stomach whenever I step off a plane that’s just […]

Italy for the First Time: How to Plan Your Trip

Without a doubt, traveling to Italy for the first time is exciting and overwhelming. Going to Italy is even considered a lifelong dream. When asked about their number one travel destination, a lot of people will mention Italy right away. It feels as if everyone loves, loves, loves Italy. I fall into that mindset too. […]

one day in milan you gotta see the duomo

One Day in Milan: The Best Things to See & Do

A plan to spend one day in Milan is a great idea for your Italian vacation. The fashion capital might not have ancient ruins, such as Rome, or an infinite number of Renaissance masterpieces such as Florence, but you’ll be surprised and happy at the gems that you’re able to discover in Northern Italy’s biggest […]

things to do in camogli

The Best Things to Do in Camogli Italy

Camogli, huh? Never heard of it. Where in Italy is that? I’m not at all surprised if you’re asking this question right now. When compared to famous “hot spots” like Cinque Terre and Portofino, Camogli is much less traveled by American tourists. Well, international tourists in general. You won’t necessarily see this adorable town on […]