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poems that'll inspire you to travel

10 Travel Poems that will Inspire You to Go

We all need beautiful travel poems. Why? To inspire us to travel, embrace our inner bravery, and explore the world. Take myself for instance. I love poetry. I also love travel. So it’s natural I’d write an entire post on poems that will inspire you to travel! But before I get too gushy, I have […]

literary traveler

5 (Nerdy & Awesome) Reasons I’m a Proud Literary Traveler

You guys, I am a proud literary traveler and so far, my experience has been amazing. Books have always been meaningful to me. I’ve been an avid reader since I was four years old. Yes. Four. William Shakespeare is one of my heroes. J.K. Rowling is too. And let’s not forget Oscar Wilde. Or Jane […]

literary quarter madrid

Exploring Barrio de las Letras or Madrid’s Literary Quarter

Barrio de las Letras is one of Madrid’s most beautiful neighborhoods, and a perfect spot for literary nerds. This is an area of the Spanish capital that you mustn’t miss especially if you’re in love with the eloquence of the written word. Think about it: an entire neighborhood dedicated to books. Be still my beating heart. […]

visit the morgan library and museum

Wow! What A Beautiful Library: Visit The Morgan Library and Museum

Ahh, my visit to the Morgan Library was bookishly spectacular. As you know, I like to talk about literary travel on my website. One of the biggest items on my literary bucket list was the Morgan Library and Museum, located in Manhattan. Guys. I have been meaning to visit this library for, like, the past year. […]

writing a travel journal

Writing a Travel Journal: Let Your Words Flow

Writing a travel journal is a great way to keep your most precious memories readily available … and permanent. Now, just to clarify things, we’re not talking about a travel blog. We’re talking an old school “pencil and paper” journal. Yes, they still exist, haha. I do have a post on how to create an awesome […]