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The Best Bookish Cities in Europe

beginners guide to Porto

Europe’s Best Bookish Cities Are you ready for some literary wanderlust? I know I am! As an English teacher, I feel like it’s my super special duty to promote literature destinations – of all shapes and sizes – from around the globe! I love books (and they love me)! Some travelers seek out authentic street […]

My (Very British) Literary Dream Trip

I want to take a literary dream trip. Actually, I want to take a million literary dream trips to a million different countries, but no one has time to stroll through all my bookish fantasies. It’s summer, and we all wanna enjoy warm sunny skies (at least in the northern hemisphere). So, for this post, […]

In Honor of #Shakespeare400: A Photo Essay of Stratford-Upon-Avon


Today, April 23rd 2016, marks 400 years after William Shakespeare’s death. To be honest, I had no idea such a huge literary anniversary loomed on the horizon. Blame excessive lesson planning and exhaustion. I feel like I ought to turn in my “English Nerd” card, but I digress. Besides J.K. Rowling and Oscar Wilde, I […]

4 Ways Romanticism Taught Me to be an Amazing Traveler

Romanticism is my favorite period in all of English literature. Not every avid reader or literature major will agree, but since I have a Master’s Degree in English, I’d love to think my opinion counts for something, haha. If you’re unfamiliar with this period, then I suggest diving into the more popular, accessible works and […]

Dear J.K. Rowling: Thank You for Inspiring Blond Wayfarer

inspiring Blond Wayfarer

Harry Potter was a tremendous part of my adolescent life. Growing up, fantastical thoughts of attending Hogwarts excited me. I wanted to eat in the Great Hall, learn magic spells, create potions, wear the Sorting Hat, and defeat Dark Lords. In the early to mid 2000s, I was so obsessed over these books I was […]