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visit the met alone in nyc

Discovering the Magical Met: The Complete “How To” Guide for NYC’s Famous Art Museum

So, are you visiting the Met soon? Best. Idea. Ever. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that New York’s most famous art museum, the Met, is my favorite spot in the whole city and my self-designated “happy place.” Actually, I love the Met so much that I’m considering purchasing a membership […]

visiting the 9/11 memorial

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York City

When I wrote this guide, it was Memorial Day Weekend in the United States. For many Americans, this weekend ushers in the official start of summer. I know I’m ready to unwind at the Jersey Shore. Toes in the sand, kindle charged to 100%, big sunglasses, and afternoon naps. Sounds perfect, huh? But, even though […]

visit the morgan library and museum

Wow! What A Beautiful Library: Visit The Morgan Library and Museum

Ahh, my visit to the Morgan Library was bookishly spectacular. As you know, I like to talk about literary travel on my website. One of the biggest items on my literary bucket list was the Morgan Library and Museum, located in Manhattan. Guys. I have been meaning to visit this library for, like, the past year. […]

is alcatraz worth visiting

Is Alcatraz Worth Visiting?

Is Alcatraz Worth Visiting? “Is Alcatraz worth visiting?” is a big question to ask. San Francisco isn’t a cheap destination with many attractions to see. And visiting Alcatraz is … tricky at times. For example, ferries are in limited supply and missing your boat ride means no fun trips to prison. The hassle might “turn […]