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New Adventure Quotes: What Great Authors Say About Travel

new adventure quotes

New Adventure Quotes That’ll Inspire You to Go! Who’s ready for some new adventure quotes? Me, me, me! And I’m sure you are too! A bit of background: I’m a gigantic book nerd. If you’re here, you already know literature, right behind travel, is one of my major obsessions. (And if you had no idea about me being a “litnerd” […]

Porto: My Experience Visiting the Second City of Portugal

the second city of portugal

Visiting Portugal’s Second City Sightseeing Porto Will Live Forever in My Memories. Looking back in time, I realized that I discovered so many cool things to do in Porto Portugal, but I was definitely in a foggy and funky headspace when I arrived there for the very first time! As I walked out of the Campanhã station, […]