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Makeup Eraser Review: Beautiful & Sustainable Travel

My MakeUp Eraser Review wasn’t only written because I love the product itself. Like everyone else on the internet, I have wild goals and dreams for 2020, both for my blog and my personal life. I want get over my fear of flying most. And, in 2020, I want to promote items that will help […]

5 Reasons to Go Traveling with a Kindle (+ Bonus Perks!)

traveling with a kindle is awesome

Time for a “shocking” (not) confession: I love to read. Yup, without a doubt, I love, love, love my books. And my passion for the written word isn’t a recent development either. Folks, I’ve adored my collection of books ever since I was an adorable five year old. I’d read anything I could get my […]

CityPASS Seattle Review: Is It Worth Buying?

seattle city pass review

Time to write my (cough overdue cough) CityPASS Seattle Review! As you already know, I wanted to save some money on my solo trip to Seattle. I had to move in August, so I didn’t want to go into debt while enjoying Washington’s capital city. Seattle’s a pretty pricy destination which meant I had to do […]

What’s It Like Traveling Ireland With Shamrocker Adventures?

shamrocker adventures review

On my solo trip to Ireland, I took a Shamrocker Adventures tour around the perimeter of the Emerald Isle. I was hopelessly stuck between jobs at the moment, so I didn’t have the time nor energy to plan a detailed itinerary. Life burned me out. I know this attitude is “against the travelers’ code of […]

4 Reasons Why You Need the “Perfect” Travel Dress

the perfect travel dress

I love dresses. Some people are crazy about jeans or skirts, but dresses are totally my “fashion jam.” I think I own at least twenty dresses and maybe three pairs of jeans. See what I mean? I will choose a dress every. single. time. Even when I travel. On my camping trip to Canada I packed a […]