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9 days in spain and portugal should include lisbon

Ultimate 9 Day Itinerary Spain and Portugal

Updated: 3 May 2023 Spain and Portugal are two of my favorite countries to explore in Europe. Both destinations offer well-preserved historical cities, many boasting UNESCO World Heritage status, as well as incredible (and diverse) food options and sweeping beaches. Of course, both countries are obviously different, too. For example, don’t assume that everyone speaks Spanish […]

is como worth visiting definitely

Is Lake Como Worth Visiting? An Honest Guide

Updated: 3 May 2023 Is Lake Como worth visiting?? Seriously, what sort of ridiculous question is that?! Haha, I imagine a couple of my readers are picking their collective jaws off the floor at this very second.  As travelers, we’ve all heard of Lake Como. In case your memory needs refreshing (doubt it), Lake Como […]

is madrid worth visiting? yes for plaza mayor

Is Madrid Worth Visiting? An Honest Guide to Spain’s Capital

Madrid is Spain’s largest city and the country’s capital. Naturally, Madrid draws plenty of tourists every year. At the same time, when researching Spain as a travel destination, you’ll come across so many diverse regions to explore, as well as a variety of cities and small towns. This is awesome but problematic too. Without a doubt, […]

a gorgeous stop for solo travel in seville

Solo Travel Seville Spain: Everything You Need to Know

Gorgeous and sunny Seville is a city that most people immediately think of when planning a trip to Spain. Seville is the largest city in the southern region of Andalusia, so unsurprisingly, travelers will discover plenty of things to see and do on their visit.  Furthermore, in a lot of ways, Seville is where you […]

solo travel spain tip: don't forget smaller cities like girona

Spain Solo Travel: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: 19 April 2023 Spain is an incredibly popular destination for solo travelers. And honestly, who can blame anyone for falling madly in love with Spain? I know it’s one of my favorite destinations in all of Europe. I feel like I will never get tired of Spain, thanks to the country’s many diverse regions, warm and vibrant people, […]