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Photo Essay: 25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Stockholm in Summer

Last summer I deeply enjoyed my time at TBEX in Stockholm. I had been wanting to go to Sweden for a long time, because Scandinavian design is one of my most favorite things ever. Stockholm turned out to be a great choice for me – in more ways than one. Even though prices are high […]

Photo Essay: Understenhöjden and Skogskyrkogården

When I visited Stockholm in July, I wanted to explore some sites outside the city center. A perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of Context Travel’s Green City Tour. The tour takes you to Understenshöjden, Stockholm’s very own eco-village, and Skogskyrkogården, a UNESCO World Heritage site and famous cemetery. As a company, Context is […]

experiences to have in stockholm

7 Incredible Experiences to Have in Stockholm

7 Experiences to Have in Stockholm! There are so many great experiences to have in Stockholm that I don’t know where to begin, haha. Why was I in Stockholm? Other than the fact that it’s a gorgeous capital city? Well, this summer I went to Stockholm so I could attend TBEX. I wanted to grow as […]

karlskrona sweden

Beginners Guide to Karlskrona Sweden

As you already know, while I frolicked around Sweden, I had an opportunity to explore beyond its capital city Stockholm. Visiting Karlskrona (and its surrounding area!) was definitely a highlight of my Swedish trip! I only spent two days in Sweden’s naval city. So, of course, I already wanna return for a leisurely seaside holiday: […]


How I Discovered Myself Again in Utklippan

I re-discovered myself in Utklippan. I don’t lightly say that either. Have you ever had a clear epiphany, a moment when you thought, “I can do so much more with my life?” And then promise yourself you’ll do better in the future? I had that realization while spending the night on Utklippan, an uninhabited island […]