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What to Do in Delft – A Perfect University City

what to do in delft: ride a bike

Are you going to the Netherlands, and want to know what to do in Delft? First of all, I’m so happy you added Delft to your Dutch itinerary. It’s seriously one of the most lovely university towns (well, towns in general) that I’ve ever visited in Europe.  And, to tell you the truth, upon stepping […]

7 Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

haarlem is one of the best day trips from amsterdam

Are you not sure when and how to take the best day trips from Amsterdam? Well, well, well, buckle in and get ready. This travel guide is all about day trips in the Netherlands. Why did I dedicate an entire post to this topic? Good question. I mainly decided to write this post, because most […]

Best Things to Do in Zaanse Schans (Not Just Windmills)

things to do in zaanse schans

Amazingly, there are so many magnificent things to do in Zaanse Schans. After you come here, it’s so easy to understand why the windmill village is one of Amsterdam’s most popular day trips. Personally, I was smitten with Zaanse Schans. Smitten! This scenic spot actually exceeded all my expectations, and I ended up staying in […]

2 Days in Amsterdam: The Best Things to See & Do

2 days in amsterdam walking canals

Do you have 2 full days to spend exploring Amsterdam? Awesome! Although popular and hyped in the travel space, Amsterdam is still a spectacular city that exceeded all of my expectations. It’s popular for a reason. I loved everything about Amsterdam from its world class museums, outstanding food, scenic canals, and friendly people. Seriously, the […]

5 Reasons to Take a Day Trip to Rotterdam

one day in rotterdam

Not sure why you should take a day trip to Rotterdam? Then you’ve come to the right post, my friend! I loved Rotterdam and want to spread appreciation for this underrated city in the Netherlands. So let’s start planning right now! You might be asking yourself why should you even visit Rotterdam at all? Doesn’t […]