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8 Wonderful Things to Do in Fremont Seattle

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Updated: January 29 2022

Need some cool things to do in Fremont Seattle? Then you’ve come to the right place. Settle in with a good cup of coffee (haha) and take notes, my friends.

You’re coming to my favorite neighborhood in Washington’s most popular city.

But first some backstory.

Fremont was originally a separate city, but was annexed into Seattle in the late 1800s. However, you can still tell Fremont was once it’s own independent city, especially if you’re like me and choose to spend your nights here.

This neighborhood, which is located north of the canal, contains a special individuality that’s clearly experienced through its many quirky shops, public art, and mom and pop restaurants.

things to do in fremont seattle: venture up hidden stairs
Exploring Fremont’s Hidden Stairs, haha.

Additionally, strolling the tree-shaded hills is a pleasure all travelers ought to experience on their upcoming trips to Seattle.

Not to mention, I felt very safe as a solo female traveler in Fremont and highly recommend this area to anyone visiting alone. I wasn’t hassled at all. I even felt secure walking alone at night. You can come to Fremont solo or perhaps take a tour of the neighborhood.

So grab your guidebook and camera, and get ready for all the lovely things to do in Fremont Seattle. I promise you’ll have a great time in this unique neighborhood.

Happy reading!

what to do in fremont seattle includes an incredible troll

8 Wonderful Things to Do in Fremont Seattle

See the Fremont Troll

We all know trolls live under bridges (aka not just on the internet). Go under Aurora Bridge to meet the Fremont Troll in person.

Sculptor Steve Badanes created the Fremont Troll and won an art competition in 1990 for his work. The Fremont Troll still attracts plenty of tourists today.

If you’re staying in Fremont, go see the troll early in the morning so you have the entire place to yourself. It’s pretty impressive to see in person. I felt very tiny, haha.


Because the Fremont Troll stands at 18 feet tall. So taking a picture of the entire sculptor is way more challenging than it looks!

Personally, I think the Fremont Troll is one of the coolest things to do in Fremont Seattle. A “must see,” for sure.

seattle downtown views from fremont

Go to Gas Works Park

Fremont has some great views of downtown Seattle including the iconic Space Needle. Gas Works Park was one of my favorite spots to look at the city’s skyline from a distance.

Hike to the top of the hill and take plenty of pictures of Seattle, Fremont’s canal, and Lake Union. It’s not a high hill either. Easy on your feet.

In addition to the park’s wonderful views, Gas Works Park has a pretty interesting history lurking behind it. Here, you can still see the remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the United States. Neat, huh?

Again, go to Gas Works Park relatively early in the morning so you can savor the view all by yourself. I only saw joggers on my own trip.

The entire atmosphere was very peaceful and perfect with the sounds of the wind flittering through nearby leaves.

fremont seattle things to do on sunday include the market

Shop at the Fremont Market on Sundays

Are you in Fremont on Sunday? Good job. You’re in for a very special treat. The Fremont Sunday Market.

The Fremont Market was first established in 1900 and still happens every Sunday from 10 am. – 4 pm., giving shoppers plenty of time to explore all the stalls.

Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. The Market is still in session! Don’t worry about the weather when planning your visit here.

This European style market offers jewelry, home goods, clothing, food, and much much more. You can also explore the indoor flea market and discover antiques. Keep a sharp eye open. As for me, I bought the cutest green sweatshirt just in time for autumn!

Visiting the Fremont Market is an especially good way to support Seattle’s local businesses.

You can find Fremont Sunday Market at the corner of 3410 Evanston Avenue North, which accessible by public transportation, but you can easily walk to the market if you’re staying in Fremont itself. More about that later.

taking a stroll in fremont

Take a Walk Along the Water

Fremont’s Canal Park is a wonderful place to take a leisurely stroll.

Like many others, I’m naturally drawn to the water, because its sights and sounds relax me. Not to mention, waterways, such as canals and lakes, provide wonderful backdrops when creating memorable travel photographs.

A quick word of warning. Along the canal, you’ll encounter plenty of joggers and cyclists on the paths here, so make sure to share all the available space with everyone.

You also want to avoid walking the canals at night. Not necessarily because it’s dangerous, but there are ZERO lights along some of the paths. I don’t know. I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

My advice is to try to go to the canals on a sunny day. You’ll even see glimpses of downtown depending on where you go.

things to do in fremont seattle include cool coffee shops

Drink ALLLLLL the Coffee You Possibly Can

Yesssssssss, coffee lovers unite!

We all know Seattle’s famous for its coffee. After all, Starbucks was founded in this northwestern city. However, although I love a good caramel frappuccino, don’t limit your coffee experience to Starbucks, especially not in Fremont.

Fremont is home to many independent and small cafes which brew outstanding coffee for customers. Go support their endeavors.

downtown fremont seattle has lots of coffee shops

Where to Drink Coffee in Fremont

My favorite coffee places included the following three establishments:

  • Fremont Coffee: Set in an adorable house, with plenty of outdoor seating, Fremont Coffee’s products are all organic and fair trade. They also make the cutest latte art that I have ever seen! You can find Fremont Coffee at 459 North 36th Street.
  • Milstead & Co: I loved the atmosphere in this minimalist style coffee shop. Not only did they have delicious coffee, but Milstead also makes excellent chocolate croissants. So, if you have a sweet tooth, then you need to stop here. You can find Milstead & Co. at 754 N 34th Street.
  • Stone Way Cafe: Want a full breakfast in addition to your coffee? Then you need to go to Stone Way Cafe! Their breakfast burritos will fill your stomach up for an entire day of sightseeing in downtown Seattle. You can find Stone Way Cafe at 3510 Stone Way N in Fremont.
things to do in fremont seattle include these cool statues
Fremont has so many cool statues.

Take Pictures of Cool Public Art

As you explore Fremont, you’ll encounter a lot of examples of some incredible public art. Get your camera poised and ready.

What’s especially nice is that tourists don’t swamp the more popular examples of street art and public sculptures. So snap that coveted instagram shot without interruptions.

statues are among fremont, seattle things to do nearby

Public Art You’ll Love in Fremont

My favorite pieces of public art include the following four examples.

  • Fremont Center of the Universe Sign: Discover this cool and colorful sign on a traffic island at the intersection of North Fremont Avenue and North 35th Street. The artists flourishing in Fremont have considered this neighborhood the “center of the universe” since the 1970s. Just be careful taking pictures. Again, it’s located at an intersection.
  • Planets at the Center of the Universe: See the Saturn Building. What’s especially cool is that this beautiful example of Saturn has a 24-foot-diameter ring of solar panels. And these incredible panels? They can generate about 2,600 watts of power!
  • Statue of Lenin: This 16 foot tall bronze statue was originally constructed in formerly named Czechoslovakia in 1988. In the 1990s, the huge replica of Lenin was moved to Seattle and is currently on sale … if you happen to have a spare $230,000 lying around your bank account.
  • Waiting for the Interurban: I think “Waiting for the Interurban” is the most fun out of all Fremont’s public art. A small crowd – including people and dog – stands and waits for an oncoming light rail car that used to connect to downtown Seattle. You can decorate the people and dog with cool clothes and funky hats and anything else you might think of! Just don’t desecrate anything or rip down fresh decorations

If you want to dive even deeper into Fremont, I suggest bringing a Lonely Planet Guidebook of Seattle to read about the latest cool places to visit.

fremont is the center of the universe

Simply Walk and Enjoy the Atmosphere

Fremont is created for pedestrians. I’m dead serious. You don’t have to drive to the nearest coffee shop or grocery store. Everything is easily accessible on foot.

Walk up the hills. Poke in and out of the shops. Visit the local market and eat a picnic in the park.

Options are endless for walkers. Take them.

craft beer is among fremont seattle things to do

Grab a Beer at Fremont Brewing

Want to sample some craft beer? Then look no further than Fremont Brewing. There are plenty of seats outside, which are especially nice to enjoy in the summer months, as well as comfortable sofas and tables indoors.

You’re also supporting the local economy by drinking at Fremont Brewing. It’s been family-owned since it opened its doors in 2009. Furthermore, Fremont Brewing is serious about sustainability. For example, they use zero waste production processes to run their business.

You can find Fremont Brewing at 1050 N 34th Street.

… and now, for some bonus material to help plan your trip to Fremont!

where to go in fremont: cafes of course!

Where to Stay in Fremont

Should I Stay in Fremont or Downtown?

On my solo trip to Seattle, I opted to spend my nights in Fremont rather than downtown Seattle. Now I know I made the right decision.

Fremont was precisely what I pictured whenever I thought about the Pacific Northwest. Cool independent shops, corner cafes, and plenty of green lush trees. It was excellent.

Accommodation Ideas

HotelHotel Hostel in Fremont

On my trip, I stayed at HotelHotel which is actually a hostel located on Fremont Avenue North.

Don’t book a bed here if you’re expecting to party, but if you’re looking for a relaxed trip and want to meet other people, then HotelHotel should meet your needs. Furthermore, I met people of all ages at this hostel so don’t feel as if you’re too old to stay here!

Ballard Inn

If you’re not a hostel fan, I would recommend staying at the nearby Ballard Inn. It is in Ballard instead of Fremont, but you’ll be close by and still enjoy a neighborhood experience in Seattle.

Rent an Apartment

If you’re not interested in hostels and still want to save a little money, then go to AirBnB and find a cute little apartment in Fremont. Apartments are a great value especially if you’re traveling to Fremont in a small group or with a partner.

places to go in fremont for breakfast
Fremont Seattle is Great for Breakfast.

Getting Around Fremont

You might be wondering, “is it easy to even get to downtown Seattle if I decide to stay in Fremont?”


Transportation wasn’t an issue for me at all, and no, I didn’t rent a car on my trip to Seattle. I used good ol’ fashioned public transportation and ride share apps such as Uber and Lyft.

If you’re coming to Fremont from downtown, then utilize bus routes 5, 40, or 62. Seattle has an app called “One Bus Away,” which should help you if you’re like me and get lost using public transportation.

As for Uber, I took the express pool cars to save on fares. With the express pool, you share the car with other passengers headed in the same general direction and may be dropped off a block or two away from your final destination. 

Ultimately, Uber worked great for me! I saved money and talked to some cool people. Express pools to downtown cost around $5 one way.

looking happy in Fremont Seattle
Hope to See You in Fremont Seattle!

Can you think of some other things to do in Fremont Seattle? Share your thoughts in the comments. You can find more information regarding this at Visit Seattle.

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Welcome to beautiful Fremont in Seattle (USA)!

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