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7 Wonderful Things to Do in Wengen Switzerland

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Updated: 23 September 2023

In my humble opinion, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with Switzerland as you explore the country’s mountains and lush green valleys and pristine lakes. It’s difficult to describe the Swiss countryside in words, and photos, while lovely to look at, don’t do justice.

Furthermore, taking an epic train ride through those snow-capped mountains has been a dream of mine for years. Literally years.

Let’s also ignore how expensive it is to visit, shall we? Switzerland isn’t a cheap date, although there are some ways to lower the cost, even in a popular destination such as Wengen.

Ultimately, if money isn’t an issue, Switzerland is a wonderful place to spend an extended period of time (think a week or more), especially if you’re able to afford it.

feeling happy at schilthorn solo travel in switzerland

Furthermore, I also think solo travel in Switzerland is one of the easiest and safest trips that you can take in Europe. I never once felt uneasy in any of Switzerland’s cities. Not once.

Now I’m not saying that the rest of Europe is unsafe (far from it, Europe has lots of wonderful and safe cities for solo travel), but at the same time, I didn’t feel the need to keep a close eye on my belongings in Lucerne or Zurich, unlike some other destinations on the continent. 

you will see great views with one day in lucerne
Gorgeous Lucerne in Switzerland.

However, Switzerland’s true gems are the little villages tucked into the mountainous landscapes. I want to visit literally all of them even though it’s probably impossible.

One of my favorite quintessential Swiss villages is Wengen, located in the heart of the country’s Bernese Oberland. You don’t want to skip the Bernese Oberland, particularly if you have an extended period of time, such as 8 days in Switzerland, because this region is home to some of the most stunning natural beauty that I’ve ever seen in my life. 

And Wengen is the picture perfect base! 

just looking at the mountains is one of the great things to do in wengen
Imagine Waking Up to This View Every Day?

Travel Tips for Wengen Switzerland

Before discussing all the great things to do in Wengen, I wanted to share some travel tips for this lovely Swiss village to jumpstart the planning process. 

Fortunately, Wengen is an “easy” destination, so you don’t need to know toooo much, but better safe than sorry!

wengen is easy to reach by public transit

How to Get to Wengen

No car in Switzerland? No problem! An intricate train system connects Switzerland’s cities and towns. Trains are clean and efficient, and honestly, I think a scenic train ride is one of the best things you can do on your vacation to Switzerland.

Actually, I personally don’t recommend driving a car in Switzerland. But even if you had a car, four wheels wouldn’t help you much in this lovely small town. Wengen is 100% car-free. 

To get to Wengen, you need to take the train to Lauterbrunnen, a charming if not touristy village, on the valley floor and catch the train to Wengen. It’s a gorgeous train ride with sweeping views of Staubbach Falls.

To save money, invest in the Swiss Pass. This pass covers all public transportation and gives you a discount on the mountain adventures in the Bernese Oberland.

the mountains are one of the best things to do in wengen switzerland

Packing Tips for Wengen

Switzerland is expensive, and as a result, you want to plan properly to get the most value. Having a good guidebook, such as Lonely Planet’s Switzerland guide, is a great place to begin.

Additionally, in Wengen, you want to wear outdoors clothing suitable for mountainous conditions. A lot of the best things to do in Wengen Switzerland involve getting outside and admiring the snow-covered peaks of the Bernese Oberland. 

Even in summer, you’ll have to wear layers in the mountains, particularly if you decide to do the ride to Jungfraujoch, which is over 11,000 feet above sea level. 

Excellent hiking boots are also important for walks on the trails. You don’t want to twist or sprain your ankle.

In the summer, don’t forget to bring sunblock to protect your skin, because you’ll spend a ton of time outdoors. 

Last but not least, while not an item you can physically pack, you’ll want to purchase a good quality travel insurance plan. I like World Nomads travel insurance since they have adventure travel options, which is perfect for adrenaline pumping sports in the mountains. 

lovely swiss flag in the mountains

Where to Stay in Wengen

Wengen is a very small village, but since it’s a tourist town, you’ll find plenty of wonderful hotel options. Are these hotels expensive? Like everything else is Switzerland, accommodation is on the pricier end of things.

Still, I personally think it’s worth the money to stay higher up in the mountains than on the valley floor. 

Wengen Hotel Recommendations

peaceful street in wengen switzerland

Lovely Things to Do in Wengen Switzerland

Believe it or not, Wengen has plenty of wonderful things to do for such a small village. Of course, since it is perfectly located in the Bernese Oberland, Wengen is a great base for sightseeing. However, while I do mention that Wengen is an “ideal home base,” you’ll still find quite a few great things to do in walking distance of the village. 

hiking is one of the cool things to do in wengen

Plan Your Own Hike

Wengen’s hikes are spectacular. As always, know your limits ahead of time, and train in the safety of your home and gym if you plan on embarking on longer hikes. 

Hikes also vary in difficulty and length. For instance, Wengen to Männlichen takes approximately three hours, and you gain quite a bit of elevation on your journey, while a hike down to the valley floor (near Lauterbrunnen) isn’t nearly as challenging. 

Hikers ought to drink plenty of water, especially in the warmer summer months, and wear sturdy and comfortable hiking boots. 

Furthermore, always leave an itinerary with your hotel or hostel if you’re planning a solo hike. Switzerland’s trails are very well-marked, but you’re still exploring nature, and need to take precautions in case an accident happens or you suddenly encounter poor weather conditions. 

delicious meal in wengen switzerland

Dine in a Chalet-Style Hotel

You might not immediately think Switzerland and food go together, but I had some great meals in Wengen. Trust me, you’ll need a hearty meal to give your body some energy after hiking all day. Wengen’s hotels have delightful dining options, particularly on summer evenings when you can sit outside. 

Don’t miss out on fondue in the winter months! Swiss cheese is to die for.

the james bond movie was filmed here in switzerland

Explore the Bernese Oberland Region

Wengen is an excellent base for the Bernese Oberland region. The small town feels far less touristy than Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen, but at the same time, is very centrally located to all the attractions. You can reach anywhere that you please simply by taking the trains and cable cars. 

I personally loved going to Schilthorn for sweeping views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains. Plus the James Bond movie, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was filmed there. 

Another favorite spot of mine is remote Gimmelwald. I love this tiny, car free village, which is even smaller than Wengen. You truly feel connected with nature. 

cable car ride in switzerland

Luftseilbahn Wengen-Männlichen

Don’t want to take a train to another town to board a cable car? Don’t worry! Wengen has its own!

This sleek and modern cable car shuttles 75 passengers (max) between Wengen and Mannlichen. This ride is brief, taking up to Mannlichen in only five minutes, and you’ll fall in love with the snow-capped mountain views surrounding you. 

Not to mention, this cableway offers a unique open-air balcony that makes the ride to the summit even more majestic. This cable ride is one of the best things to do in Wengen, no doubt. 

Last but not least, stop at the Mannlichen Mountain Guesthouse if you want a bite to eat! 

hanging out in wengen switzerland
Looking Adorable in Switzerland.

Play Some Mini-Golf

Wengen is home to a mini-golf course! Lauberhorn Crazygolf Minigolfpark is perfect for families and friends looking for a fun and relaxed activity in Wengen.

Keep in mind that this mini-golf course has 18 holes and isn’t always easy. So you need to have a good sense of humor about it! Haha, I know some people who are way too competitive about mini-golf, and just felt like I need to say that. 

I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to play mini-golf than high in the Swiss mountains. What could be better?

things to do in wengen include gorgeous mountains
Admiring the Mountain Views is One of the Best Things to Do in Wengen.

Relax with a Mountain View

Okay, so I suppose this thing to do in Wengen is cheating, but honestly, if I had more time in this region, I would’ve relaxed in a meadow near Wengen all day with a book and bottle of water. 

Don’t forget to take a break from all of your sightseeing hustle and bustle, and simply take in the spectacular nature that surrounds you. 

If your finances can swing it, opt for a room with a balcony, so you can fall in love with the mountains from the comfort of your own accommodation. 

wengen has tons of mountains surround it on all sides

Shop for Fabulous Outdoor Gear

Lastly, shopping in Wengen is a very enjoyable experience. You’ll find all of your outdoor gear needs here, too. For example, Central Sport is a wonderful option for purchasing outdoor clothing and boots, but you can also rent e-bikes and other gear for exploring the mountains and valley. 

Plenty of other locally owned sporting good shops can be found around the village. You can even rent skis for the winter months! 

I don’t see any issues with spending a bit more money to buy some Swiss souvenirs. I never said I was a financial advisor, after all.

happy with all the things to do in wengen

I hope you had a wonderful thing reading about all the delightful things to do in Wengen Switzerland. Would you add Wengen to your Swiss itinerary? Do you want to share even more attractions in this town? Feel free to contact me!