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Featuring: My Tremendous Travel Wish List

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This grinning gal fails at life right now.

Hellooooo, readers! I’m back again! Did you miss me? A week and a half feels like ages, I know. You can cry if you want.

Anyway, as you can tell from my radio silence (c’mon, Rachel, are you for real?), I’ve been having a few issues updating my blog. It’s nothing personal. If you’ve been with me since the beginning of Blond Wayfarer, then you know my inspiration ebbs and flows like the tides at the Jersey Shore.

Why haven’t I updated the past week? A couple of reasons.

Because of laziness (she speaks the truth). Because my students only care about summer vacation now that April reared its ugly head, so I’ve been exhausted and cranky in the evenings. Because I haven’t booked an airline tickets for summer yet. Because of … well, a personal reason that I may share at a later date.

But, regardless, I’m sure you folks don’t want to hear about my boring excuses and lack of creativity. You want more travel and less whining, am I right?

I have a few upcoming posts planned for the next two weeks. Like how my brain works on planes (haha) and whether Alcatraz is worth the visit and an assortment of sleek photo essays. I also have an “April Favorites” post that will feature my favorite travel moments and favorite books that I’ve recently read, keeping in touch with this blog’s literary theme.

But for today, I want to share something inspirational and colorful that may help you plan a couple of future trips!

pre-departure nerves
How awesome I am at updating right now.

Here is my tremendous travel wish list. To be honest, this post will probably always be a ‘work in progress,’ because like most travelers, I’m constantly discovering new places to to visit in the near future. I have no idea when I’ll accomplish any or all of these things, but I’m gonna do my best!


South America

  1. Trek the classic Inca trail and awe at Machu Picchu.
  2. Take proportional weird pictures at Salar de Uyuni.
  3. Indulge in wine tastings in Mendoza.
  4. Pretend to be Darwin on Galapagos Islands.
  5. Hike Torres del Paine National Park and spend more time in Patagonia.
  6. Sail the Amazon and explore the rain forest.

Central America

  1. Zipline, visit volcanoes, surf, and explore jungles in Costa Rica.
  2. Explore ancient ruins and temples throughout Central America.
  3. Snorkel in caves in Belize.


  1. Spend 1 – 2 months backpacking Spain. Because Spain deserves so much better.
  2. Go island hopping in Greece and Croatia.
  3. Take a cooking class in Italy or France.
  4. Visit amazing literary sites throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland.
  5. Celebrate New Year’s in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  6. Travel through the Baltic Countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  7. Rent an apartment and spend a few weeks residing in a specific neighborhood, preferably in London or Paris.
  8. Backpack around Sicily and Malta.
  9. See Lapland in winter, searching for Santa Claus and the Northern Lights. Again.
  10. Revisit all my favorite European countries such as Slovenia, Scotland, and Portugal.
your first solo trip should be portugal
I need to revisit Lisbon ASAP, for example.


  1. Walk the “untouristy” parts of the Great Wall of China.
  2. Take the trains all over Japan. And see lots and lots of cherry blossoms. And eat sushi.
  3. Shop til my heart stops in Hong Kong.
  4. Beach and Island hop in Thailand.
  5. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  6. Horseback ride throughout Mongolia.

Australia and New Zealand

  1. Enjoy Uluru, Australia at sunrise.
  2. Act like a nerd in Hobbiton, New Zealand.
  3. Sail in the Whitsundays.
  4. Check out all the amazing street art, as well as the cultural scene, in Melbourne, Australia.
  5. Do some daring adventure sports in Queenstown, New Zealand.
  6. Visit Western Australia.
  7. Be able to summon enough courage to even fly to New Zealand or Australia.


  1. Take a safari and visit Cape Town in South Africa.

North America

  1. Visit every single National Park in the United States.
  2. Eat my way through New Orleans.
  3. Experience the “southern Gothic” in Savannah, Charleston, and other historic cities.
  4. Stand on black sand beaches in Hawaii.
  5. Take a road trip across the United States – from New York City alllllll the way to San Francisco.
  6. Speak French in Montreal and Quebec City.

tremendous travel wish list

Share what’s on your own tremendous travel wish list in the comments. And tell me what I need to add to my own. Enjoy!

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