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The Ultimate Packing List and Gifts for Nervous Flyers

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Packing List: Gifts for Nervous Flyers

carry-on guide for fearful flyers

I wanted to write this packing list consisting of gifts for nervous flyers as a thoughtful gesture. After all, it’s so bloody important for fearful flyers to prepare for our trips ahead of time. Good packing skills are essential for any traveler, but anyone who feels jittery on planes needs to take extra care!

I’m a nervous flyer. Big time. When I first began this blog, I wanted to inspire travelers similar to me and let them know they aren’t alone in their fears. Most of my posts provide tips on defeating anxiety itself. However I realize sometimes we need tangible items to help calm us in stressful situations.

Thus the “ultimate carry-on guide for fearful flyers” was born! I’ve used all these items in my travel life. Hopefully, my guide helps you pack smart for your upcoming trip to some amazing land.

Happy shopping!

gifts for nervous flyers
Like all these gifts for nervous flyers? Send them to me, haha.

Tumi Portable Phone Charger

Most planes have USB chargers in their seats. Most. Older planes might have nothing available to recharge your electronics. You don’t want your phone to die if you need a distraction from turbulence! I use my iPhone for comfort shows, movies, and music. My favorite charger is my Tumi Portable Phone Charger. You have four charges on this thing. Seriously, not only does this portable charger have enough energy for long flights, but it also lasts all day while you’re sightseeing. A must have.

Soft Warm Microfiber Socks

Something about comfy socks instantly makes me think of an autumn Sunday at home. I wear a pair of light microfiber socks on every flight. These socks keep both my feet and mind warm. And, okay, they look like they’d match a pair of pajamas. Who cares! You won’t see your fellow passengers again anyway. Your own comfort and peace of mind are important than looking like you belong in a Milan fashion show.

Travel Mate Memory Foam Pillow

Economy seats are super uncomfortable. I’m sorry but I’ve yet to find an economy seat that’s cozy enough for my high standards. And feeling uncomfortable? Not good if your stomach’s already in knots. Make sure to bring a memory foam pillow along for the ride to relax those tense neck muscles.

gifts for nervous flyers

REM Sleep Mask Kit

Are you someone who easily falls asleep in a place that isn’t a bed? Lucky you. Send me your secrets! For the plane, don’t forget a comfy eye mask and ear plugs, and drift off into blissful sleep in your new dark, quiet surroundings. Sleeping = no awareness = no fear of flying. Everyone wins!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’re like me, then noises coming from the plane’s engine are enough to make your palms sweat. Ew. Don’t want that. Invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones to block out any offending sounds. Then you can enjoy your favorite movies without fretting over whether or not the engine’s gonna fail.

Kindle E-Reader

If you’re reading my blog, then you know I’m a total book junkie! An e-reader, such as a Kindle, is absolutely essential for fearful flyers who need to pull their minds away from engine noises and mid-air bumps. If you’re short on cash, install the free kindle app onto your smart phone and download some free books. Personally, I go for familiar and comforting books for long plane rides. Pride and Prejudice? Yes, please!

gifts for nervous flyers

Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Wanna relax your muscles and destroy plane-related stress? Then invest in a stress ball! I love crushing these between my fingers. It may sound too simple (and good) to be true, but stress balls calm my nerves if I’m stuck in a tense situation. Very useful for nervous flyers. Plus stress balls are tiny and compressible so they won’t use much space in your carry-on bag.

Relaxation/Meditation Coloring Books

Coloring books are all the rage. Even if hype annoys you, you should buy one for your next flight. It’s been proven time and again that coloring relaxes people and not just young kids either. So why not return to your inner child on the plane? Bring a few colored pencils with you, too! Soon you’ll feel zen. Totally zeeeeeeen.

Want something that’ll challenge your brain a bit more than coloring? Then go for…

Crossword Puzzles

Distraction is key for fearful flyers, myself included! A simple crossword puzzle book can occupy your mind for hours. Try it! Not only will you feel less anxious about your flight, but your brain’ll also enjoy valuable “exercise.” You can find crossword puzzles everywhere too. Book stores, the airport, online realtors, etc.

carry-on guide for fearful flyers
Now smile and board a plane!

Anxiety Relief Supplements

This gift is especially useful if the nervous flyer in question doesn’t take medication. You don’t want to buy anything that might accidentally interfere with prescribed pills. If the situation calls for it, a small bottle of anxiety relief supplements, especially all nature ones, might bring peace of mind on board the airliner.

Mala Beads Necklace

This is a perfect gift for a traveler who needs to find calm in a stressful situation. A Mala gemstone necklace is wonderful for meditation. It’s small so it’s super easy to fit inside a carry-on bag, making it an excellent choice for nervous flyers.

Plant Therapy Aluminum Inhaler

These easy to use and lightweight plant therapy inhalers are perfect for your upcoming flight. It’s very true that certain scents lower anxiety. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed on a plane, take a drop and a go into some relaxed breathing to bring your mood back to earth again.

gifts for nervous flyers
Everyone’s favorite fearful flyer!

So Why Even Buy Gifts for Nervous Flyers?

You’re probably thinking, “I already have to pack enough stuff in a carry-on bag. Why should I waste even more space? Why should a friend buy me anything for that matter?!”

Honestly, if you’re scared to fly, there’s nothing wrong with using a bit of space to bring something that will make your life easier.

Could I ditch the stress ball or completely turn off my phone? Sure. Would I feel happy about it? Heck no!

Your comfort is essential at the end of the day. Bring any item to reassure you, help you, calm you. And don’t feel guilty about it for one second!

And if your friends want to buy you one of these cool gifts for nervous flyers? Even better. You got a true core of cheerleaders in your corner. Keep up the great work!

gifts for nervous flyers
Desserts should be among the gifts for nervous flyers packing list!

I hope you enjoy these gifts for nervous flyers. What important gear do you think belongs in every fearful flyer’s carry-on bag? Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Packing List and Gifts for Nervous Flyers

  1. Kara says:

    I’ve recently developed a bit of flight anxiety. When I was flying from Denver to Salt Lake City and we hit a patch of nasty turbulence. The plan was shaking up and down. I used to be excited on flights when I was younger. Now I just want them over with. I love the colouring book and the noise cancelling headphone idea. Think I will put together a tool kit next time I fly. Thanks Rachel.

    • Rachel Elizabeth says:

      Kara —

      Arghhhh, it’s so frustrating one bad flight can cause this anxiety. My own fear of flying began because of a turbulent flight from Philadelphia to London. Definitely plan ahead, and keep traveling! We can’t let silly bumps in the air stop us from seeing the world.

  2. Rachel Heller says:

    I take an over-the-counter stress reducer; I can’t remember what the active ingredient is but it’s from the herbal medicine section. I’m not sure if it does anything or just works as a placebo, but either way … I do crossword puzzles too, or else Sudoku. And on longer flights I watch lots of movies, but no horror or thrillers.

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