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Who is Blond Wayfarer?

Blond Wayfarer is a solo female travel blog created by Rachel Elizabeth in May 2015. At this point in her life, Rachel had already embarked on many journeys, but she reached a crossroads, one that inspired her to start this blog.

Despite its focus on solo female travel, Blond Wayfarer also covers many niche topics such as traveling with a fear of flying, hypochondria, and generalized anxiety. In addition, Blond Wayfarer regularly features beginners guides for new and eager travelers, and provides nifty information about literary travel – including tours, significant sites, bookshops, and other experiences.

Blond Wayfarer promotes breaking boundaries and comfort zones. While all destinations attract her interest, Rachel has a particular fondness for Europe, especially Scotland, Portugal, and “off the beaten path” cities and towns.

Currently, Rachel is based in New Jersey.

work with me

Why work with Blond Wayfarer?

Rachel has an exceptionally strong background in writing. She holds a Masters Degree in English Literature from a prestigious university (“A Public Ivy”). Furthermore, she has two teacher certifications and a Bachelors Degree in both English and Sociology. Her experience as a teacher taught her to be creative, influential, and daring, yet still painfully aware of deadlines and making meaningful relationships with peers.

In June 2016, Rachel was selected to participate in BlogHouse Philadelphia where she was trained by some of the top travel bloggers in the industry.

Furthermore, as demonstrated in a recent survey, loyal readers trust Rachel’s travel experiences because of her honest, witty, and straight-forward style of writing:

I like that you’re candid about your travels – your fears, your experiences, all of it! The humor is engaging, too.  

I really like that you are honest and relatable! I’m a traveling teacher too, and I relate so much more to you than to bloggers who quit their jobs to travel the world and say “you can, too!” (No, I can’t.) Thank you for your honest posts! I also really enjoy your writing style and your post topics. I love the literary travel angle of your blog as well.

[I enjoy] your passion for literature and that you seem very creative – you’re able to compose articles about a wide variety of articles.

work with me

Site Statistics

All information has been updated as of June 2019.

Monthly Google Analytics [Average]:

  • Sessions – 25,000+
  • Pageviews – 30,000+
  • Users – 22,000+

Audience Demographics:

  • Gender: Female (78%), Male (22%)
  • Age:  18 – 24 (23%), 25 – 34 (48%), 35 – 44 (15%), 45 – 54 (8%)
  • Location: United States (45%), European Union (20%), UK (9%), Canada (7%), Australia (3%), Other (16%)

Social Media

  • Facebook: 3300+
  • Twitter: 3100+
  • Pinterest: 9100+
  • Instagram: 8000+

In Other Media

snorkeling in silfra in winter

Reader Profile

Blond Wayfarer resonates with a youthful and educated audience. An impressive 70% of readers hold bachelor’s degrees while 14% hold advanced degrees. The majority of readers are budget-conscious travelers who identify either as backpackers or affordable luxury seekers (aka “flashpackers”).

Furthermore the majority of Blond Wayfarer’s audience consists of adventurous young women who overwhelmingly travel solo to new destinations. They are most interested in:

  • Food and Drink
  • Arts and Culture
  • Adventure Travel

How We Can Work Together

Blond Wayfarer is open to advertisements, sponsorships, and partnerships that reflect her blog’s values. Invitations for press/fam trips as well as product, service, and destination reviews are all accepted.

In return, I can offer brands and companies…

  • Targeted blog posts.
  • Aesthetically engaging Pinterest graphics.
  • Promotion on all social media networks.
  • Clear and crisp photographs.

To discuss any of the above opportunities, please contact Rachel at

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