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Why All Women Need to Travel Alone

the orkney islands are awesome

Women need to travel alone. Seriously, at least once in your life, hop onto a train, plane, or bus, and visit a new place without someone else besides you. Why am I making such a sweeping statement? Because I’m passionate about travel? Sort of. I’m lucky most people are supportive of my travels, but whenever […]

Nervous Girl’s Guide to Meeting People while Traveling

nervous girl's guide to meeting people while traveling

Wanna Meet People while Traveling? Many of my readers have told me they feel nervous about solo travel. This is understandable. Even though I’ve gone on a whopping eight trips alone, I don’t think the jittery travel nerves ever completely disappear. I still question my sanity whenever I book a plane ticket and know no […]

Why Your First Solo Trip Should Be Portugal

your first solo trip should be portugal

Your First Solo Trip Should Be Portugal Solo Travel Experiences in Portugal Updated on August 2018 I’m serious: your first solo trip should be Portugal. Last Easter, I took a solo trip to Portugal and fell in love. My 10 day adventure split between Lisbon and Porto – with a few small stops thrown into […]

Yes, It Happens! 5 Real Disadvantages of Traveling

disadvantages of traveling

Welcome to the Disadvantages of Traveling Yes, “disadvantages of traveling exist,” my friends. WHAT?! I know, I know. You’re shooting me death glares from Chiang Mai, Berlin, Cuzco, Sydney, wherever you’re located right now. I’m sorry. Hear me out, though, before you revoke my travel blogger card. I promise I’m writing this post for good reasons, […]

Porto: My Experience Visiting the Second City of Portugal

the second city of portugal

Visiting Portugal’s Second City Sightseeing Porto Will Live Forever in My Memories. Looking back in time, I realized that I discovered so many cool things to do in Porto Portugal, but I was definitely in a foggy and funky headspace when I arrived there for the very first time! As I walked out of the Campanhã station, […]