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Finding amazing places important in the world of literature.

4 Ways Romanticism Taught Me to be an Amazing Traveler

Romanticism is my favorite period in all of English literature. Not every avid reader or literature major will agree, but since I have a Master’s Degree in English, I’d love to think my opinion counts for something, haha. If you’re unfamiliar with this period, then I suggest diving into the more popular, accessible works and […]

Visiting Yeats in Drumcliff

visiting yeats in drumcliff

Happy (almost) Saint Patrick’s Day, Wayfarers! We need a post about Ireland to ring in the occasion, don’t we? Hmm. I think I’ll skip chatting about Guinness and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, though. I wanna talk about visiting Yeats in Drumcliff instead. Were you expecting anything different from me? The same girl who was heartbroken because she […]

Dear J.K. Rowling: Thank You for Inspiring Blond Wayfarer

inspiring Blond Wayfarer

Harry Potter was a tremendous part of my adolescent life. Growing up, fantastical thoughts of attending Hogwarts excited me. I wanted to eat in the Great Hall, learn magic spells, create potions, wear the Sorting Hat, and defeat Dark Lords. In the early to mid 2000s, I was so obsessed over these books I was […]

Books: A Pleasant Travel Alternative

I have a secret for my beloved readers: rare moments exist when I’m grateful I’m not traveling all the stinkin’ time. So. I don’t think full time travel is for me. I realize the above statement is practically sacrilegious to write on a travel blog. I’m sorry, but it’s the unfiltered truth. Please listen to […]

Quick Guide: Christmas in Philadelphia

Christmas in Philadelphia

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY WAYFARERS WHO CELEBRATE IT! As you already know, I don’t travel on Christmas because I would miss my family’s holiday traditions way too much to enjoy the sights around me. So what did I do on Christmas Eve instead of sleeping at random airports and fighting lines at hostel check […]