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Writing a Travel Journal: Let Your Words Flow

writing a travel journal

Writing a travel journal is a great way to keep your most precious memories readily available … and permanent. Now, just to clarify things, we’re not talking about a travel blog. We’re talking an old school “pencil and paper” journal. Yes, they still exist, haha. I do have a post on how to create an awesome […]

Edinburgh is a Literature Lover’s Paradise

Edinburgh’s Literary Sites are Everywhere. Edinburgh is a magical place. You can spend an entire slow-paced week or enjoy a weekend in Edinburgh. It’s wonderful! Scotland’s well known city is not only one of the most popular destinations for visitors, but it’s a UNESCO City of Literature. A book lover’s dream come true. I mean, […]

Shakespeare Travel Quotes: Go and Roam the World!

shakespeare travel quotes

Shakespeare Travel Quotes Huzzah! April 23rd is William Shakespeare’s birth and death day. Every literature nerd knows this fact. As for me, believe it or not, I have a love/hate relationship with the Bard. I can already see your raised eyebrows. I know. I feel like I should have my MA in English Literature revoked for admitting […]

4 Reasons Audiobooks are Essential for Book Loving Travelers

Travel and Audiobooks Audiobooks are totally essential for travelers. I know. Earth-shattering news. What did you guys ever do without me? Haha. Weirdly enough, I never thought much about how amazing audiobooks are until this year. In February, I decided to subscribe to Audible – an audiobook service on Amazon – and personally, I think […]

Amazing Literary Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

books are a travel alternative

Literary Festivals Around the World As someone who loves literary travel so much that I make it my life’s mission to visit significant places related to authors, I thought a post about bookish festivals was long overdue. Please keep in mind that I, uhhh, actually haven’t been to any of these festivals yet. I know, I know, I fail, haha. But […]