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Spooky Literary Delight: Things to Do in Salem MA

things to do in salem

Things to Do in Salem MA Fall is the best time for doing things in Salem. October is finally here! Yay! Are you ready for some awesome spooky weeks? I know I am! Readers, I have to tell you that October has always been one of my favorite months. And really, is it any surprise […]

Moving Forward: Fall and Winter Travel Plans

fall and winter travel plans

For those of us who live on the northeast coast of the US, cooler months linger on the horizon. It’s so hard to believe fall lurks around the corner when it still feels like summer in New Jersey. Throughout the weekend, we’ve experienced plenty of “record breaking heat,” which is super annoying, but there you […]

6 Reasons I’m Hopelessly Devoted to Philadelphia

You guys. I’m devoted to Philadelphia. For my entire adult life, except for four years at Rutgers University, I’ve lived in southern NJ in the shadow of the 5th largest city in the United States: Philadelphia! Needless to say, Philadelphia holds a special place in my heart. No matter how many cities I check off […]

Photo Essay: Visit Muir Woods and Sausalito

My Californian Spring Break

A Perfect Day Trip: Visit Muir Woods and Sausalito The National Park Service turned 100 in August 2016. Wanna hear something embarrassing? I’m American, but still haven’t visited many National Parks in my lifetime. Like, at all. It took me, uh, quite awhile to embrace the outdoors. My trip to Western Canada changed me for the better. […]

Is Alcatraz Worth Visiting?

is alcatraz worth visiting

Is Alcatraz Worth Visiting? “Is Alcatraz worth visiting?” is a big question to ask. San Francisco isn’t a cheap destination with many attractions to see. And visiting Alcatraz is … tricky at times. For example, ferries are in limited supply and missing your boat ride means no fun trips to prison. The hassle might “turn […]