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Quick Guide: Christmas in Philadelphia

Christmas in Philadelphia

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY WAYFARERS WHO CELEBRATE IT! As you already know, I don’t travel on Christmas because I would miss my family’s holiday traditions way too much to enjoy the sights around me. So what did I do on Christmas Eve instead of sleeping at random airports and fighting lines at hostel check […]

How Not to be a Jerk in the USA

Top Reasons To Create A Travel Blog

When you meet other backpackers, it’s natural to discuss future/potential trips to mystical lands. Sometimes I get mad at myself for babbling about other journeys when already in the midst of traveling, but those conversations make you bond with others on the road. Inevitably, I meet people who want to visit my home country: the United States. Which […]

4 Lessons Western Canada Taught Me

How Teaching Improved My Travel Skills

If you live in the United States, Canada isn’t necessarily the first place that springs to mind for an epic travel getaway. Last year, I wanted to take a summer trip, but I didn’t want to fly to Europe after jetting to Scotland, France, and Ireland in the span of eight months. Now, if you’ve […]