7 Tips for Anxious Solo Travelers

Have Pre-Travel Anxiety? These 7 Tips Will Help You Now!

Tips for Beating Pre-Travel Anxiety You’re not alone in your pre-travel anxiety. I promise. I hope these tips for anxious solo travelers will encourage and reassure you. After all, I used feel the same unsettling anxiety you do now. Heck, on occasion, I still feel the same way you do now. The thought of packing, […]

travel memories of 2015

Travel Memories of 2015

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I can’t believe it’s already 2016. What happened? Seriously, time flies. It feels like only yesterday my best friend and I attended a Gordello Bordello concert to ring in 2015. We screamed at the top of our lungs, as balloons fell around us, and we proclaimed 2015 would be the best year […]

Christmas in Philadelphia

Quick Guide: Christmas in Philadelphia

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY WAYFARERS WHO CELEBRATE IT! As you already know, I don’t travel on Christmas because I would miss my family’s holiday traditions way too much to enjoy the sights around me. So what did I do on Christmas Eve instead of sleeping at random airports and fighting lines at hostel check […]

Self-image and Travel

5 Ways to Reassure Worried Family and Friends About Traveling

As you know, I normally discuss my own issues with anxiety here. It’s one of the central focuses of this travel blog. However this post will take a different turn and focus not necessarily on anxiety itself, but worried family and friends. Let’s use our imaginations for a second: You’ve finally gathered your courage and […]

Dealing with People Who Are Jealous of Your Travels

What? Someone’s Jealous of Your Travels? If you love to explore the planet so much that jetsetting turns into your hobby, then you’re eventually gonna encounter people who are jealous of your travels. Ahhh, yes, the big elephant in the room! I hate to break it to you, but not everyone will squeal and high-five […]