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Solo Travel in Prague — Is It Safe?

solo travel in prague

Do you plan to do some solo travel in Prague, but aren’t sure if it’s safe to do so? Never fear. I’ve got you covered with all my independent travel advice for Prague, capital city of Czechia/The Czech Republic. I promise this city is a safe and wonderful choice for solo travelers of all experience […]

Solo Travel to Scotland: Everything You Need to Know

solo travel to scotland

Are you planning on solo travel to Scotland? Congratulations! You couldn’t have chosen a more magnificent destination for your upcoming adventures. I highly recommend traveling alone in Scotland for many reasons. Scotland is known for the Highlands, lush green mountains with crumbling castles and crystal clear lochs, and culturally rich cities such as Edinburgh and […]

How to Travel Alone for the First Time (A Complete FAQ)

how to travel alone for the first time

Not sure how to travel alone for the first time? Don’t worry. I was a beginner once, too. To this day, I still remember awful sick butterflies fluttering inside my stomach whenever I thought about my upcoming solo trip. Traveling solo is a huge opportunity, an incredible one, but it’s scary too. My solo travel […]

Vancouver Solo Travel: Best Tips for Your Visit

vancouver solo travel

On this blog, I’ve massively advocated solo travel to Canada, and it’s a country that continues to intrigue me. A lot of Americans overlook Canada, seeing the nation only as our “friendly neighbor to the north,” but I’ve never seen such spectacular natural wonders as the mountains and lakes in Banff National Park. But what […]

Travel Alone Quotes: Inspiration for Solo Adventurers

travel alone quotes

“Travel Alone Quotes?” Really? You couldn’t just save the inspirational sayings for a Pinterest board, Rachel? Haha, you got me there. I know some of you probably think I’m obnoxious dedicating an entire post to smiley travel affirmations. Affirmations are almost cliche. To make matters worse, this is the internet. I mean, at this point, we’ve […]