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How to Take a Solo Trip to Copenhagen

copenhagen solo travel

How can I summarize my trip to Denmark’s capital city? Well … Solo travel to Copenhagen is safe, educational, fun, and expensive. I know, I know. It’s a weird combination of adjectives to pick for promoting a solo trip – especially the “expensive” bit, haha. I loved Copenhagen, though. Loved, loved, loved. I didn’t expect […]

16 (Highly Useful) Tips on Flying Alone

flying alone tips

Do you need advice on flying alone? Then you’ve arrived at the right post. As a fearful flyer, I’m also a big planner when it’s time to pack my bags and go to the airport. Travel days are intimidating for me – without a doubt. Sometimes I’ll feel anticipatory anxiety as much as a week […]

6 (Short and Easy) Europe Backpacking Routes

backpacking routes europe

I love, love, love Europe so much. Why am I obsessed enough to constantly fly over the Atlantic Ocean despite me hating flying with a burning passion? Because I LOVE Europe. In my biased opinion, Europe is (without a doubt) the greatest playground in the world for solo travelers. Sometimes I don’t even know where […]

Traveling to Seattle Alone: An Independent Lady’s Guide

traveling to seattle alone

Traveling to Seattle alone is a fabulous experience for solo female explorers. Seattle offers visitors not only gorgeous skyscrapers and views, but also a thriving food scene, plenty of museums and attractions, spectacular nature, and so, so, so much more. It’s a great city. In summary, there’s a reason Seattle is one of the most popular destinations in […]

Afraid to Travel Alone? 8 Tips to Destroy Your Fears

don't be afraid to travel alone

Seriously, (wo)man, don’t be afraid to travel alone. Solo travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The lack of a travel partner should never prevent you from savoring rich new experiences and memories. Don’t believe me? Then make sure you check out all the benefits of traveling alone! These benefits are not only […]