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post travel depression

5 Unbeatable Ways to Defeat Your Post Trip Depression

Grr, the “Joys” of Post Trip Depression. I have a lot to say about this topic. Too much, actually. And I think we’ve all experienced those yucky post trip depression feelings, right? I know we have! We’ve all felt that empty pit festering inside our stomaches upon coming home after experiencing incredible sites, fascinating people, and […]

visit St Andrews from Edinburgh

Golf, Ruins, and Universities: A Day Trip to St. Andrews

Day Trip to St. Andrews from Edinburgh Nothing is more romantic (to me) than the idea of studying English literature at St. Andrews University. Which is funny considering I was a flaky student. Regardless, this small Scottish town is incredibly special. Not only is it home to an acclaimed university, but it also boasts some […]

anxiety traveling alone

What Should I Do if I Feel Anxiety Traveling Alone?

It’s Normal to Feel Anxiety Traveling Alone. Let me repeat that: it’s normal to feel anxiety traveling alone. Totally normal. After all, 18% of the population in the United States suffers from some sort of anxiety. It makes sense travelers, including solo ones, also fall into that percentage. Now it might be hard to believe when […]

how to prepare an overseas trip

Beginners Guide: How to Prepare an Overseas Trip

How to Prepare An Overseas Trip. Look no further for advice on how to prepare an overseas trip, newbies! I got your needs covered. On my first solo international trip to Scotland, I felt waaaay waaaay out of my element, because I was responsible for myself and quite frankly, I had no idea what to expect […]

day in dresden

Anxiety and Terrorism: Why You Can’t Let Fear Win

Time to state the obvious. The news is scary. Headlines are even scarier if you’re prone to anxiety or have anxious friends and family. BREAKING NEWS. Two words that immediately put me on edge. This isn’t surprising. I mean, something as simple as an unread email or text message makes me dwell, thoughts exploding in my […]