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The Solo Travel Guide for Beginners

Solo Travel Guide for Beginners If you’re a first time traveler and female, you may feel overwhelmed by your decision to travel alone. Knots in your stomach. Doubts racing like horses through your mind. Mumbles of “am I crazy?” under your breath. It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt. Is the world safe for […]

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Traveling to Europe Alone: 7 GREAT Reasons to Go Solo

I Love Traveling to Europe Alone Traveling to Europe alone is fun and easy. Truth be told, if you’ve read my “Destinations” page, then you can tell I love traveling to Europe alone a lot.Some of you probably wonder if I’ll ever add different continents to my (ahem out of date) destinations list. I will, I promise. New […]

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How Travel Transforms You into a Hot Date

Valentine’s Day lurks on the horizon, wayfarers! Chocolate, flowers, gift lists, and overpriced dinners everywhere! At least my favorite color is pink (if you couldn’t tell from my blog’s layout) so I don’t mind that part so much. Haha, in school, I hated this holiday so so so much. I thought it was too sappy, gooey, and […]

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Dear New Travel Bloggers: Be Kind to Each Other

Remember last year when I told new travel bloggers it was okay to make mistakes? It was difficult to take my own advice this week. “Wow, Rachel, that’s melodramatic,” you might be thinking, “What happened?” Basically, I was a member of a travel blog sharing group for two or three weeks. A couple days ago, I […]

Terrific Small European Towns for Solo Travelers

Best Small European Towns for Solo Travelers We’ve all heard of London, Paris, Rome, Munich, and Prague. All energetic cities that offer a wide variety of great sites, activities, restaurants, and accommodation. It’s no surprise that these destinations appear again and again on many solo travelers’ itineraries. Read r/travel or the Lonely Planet forums, and you’ll see what I mean. […]